Alcohol Sponsorships and Athlete Endorsements in Sports

2020 was an eventful year to say the least. Though there were not many live sporting events with fans in stands, many throughout the alcohol industry were able to build upon longstanding sports sponsorships.  With most of the population resigned to staying indoors, many alcohol brands were intent on sponsoring prominent athletes, particularly those in the United States. As the majority of the world’s largest beer companies headquartered

Top Car & Auto Athlete Endorsements and Sponsorships

There are many automotive brands in today’s marketplace, all consistently vying for your attention. With a car purchase being a major life event and one that comes with much careful consideration, it’s no surprise that the athletes on this list so proudly vouch for the auto brands (and services) that are featured. They use these

MOKAN Basketball to Launch NIL Program for Player Brand Development

MOKAN joins Opendorse Ready™ to Help Student-Athletes Build Personal Brands in Preparation for Name, Image, and Likeness MOKAN Basketball, one of the nation’s premier grassroots basketball programs, announced today its decision to join Opendorse Ready, the Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) Readiness program. By teaming with Opendorse, MOKAN will provide its athletes with the personal

Top Athlete Endorsements and Sponsorships in the Fast Food Industry

The fast food industry has become a hot market for athlete and celebrity endorsements in recent years. From Cheeseburgers and fried chicken to ice cream and junk food in general, Athletes have been able to promote their favorite fast food as influential brand advocates. Food companies have recognized that athletes, both professional and at the amateur level, are a big part of their consumer base.  As many

Top Athlete Endorsements for Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods

The land of CPG brands and products is a favorite for athletes to venture into. With many already expressing a natural love and affinity for their favorite brands, it makes for a natural partnership for them to explore. Athletes have come a long way from making breakthroughs on Wheaties boxes. Now some are even taking the helm

Building the Player-Fan Connection with the NHL’s David Klatt

The National Hockey League (NHL) is stacked with elite athletes and wildly passionate fans from around the world. The one thing that connects them all? Social media.  In 2019, the league entered a partnership with Opendorse, built to help players leverage social media to further connect with fans and build valuable personal brands. The partnership

K-State Athletics to Launch NIL Readiness Program for Student-Athletes

Wildcats join Opendorse Ready™ to Help Athletes Understand and Maximize Endorsement Value in Preparation for Name, Image, and Likeness Kansas State Athletics announced today its decision to join Opendorse Ready, the Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) Readiness program geared to prepare student-athletes for upcoming NIL policy changes and apply proven endorsement management solutions. Opendorse has

NIL Goes Global: Could International Student-Athletes Have an Advantage?

In the NIL era, the athlete endorsement industry is going to grow 100X in size, from five thousand athletes to 500 thousand athletes overnight, enhancing the competitiveness of the already-challenging market. Of those 500 thousand college athletes, approximately 20 thousand are international student-athletes. For these athletes, there’s an opportunity to stand out with their built-in

Find Your Niche: How Carving Out Your Corner Can Lead to Endorsement Opportunities

Many athletes aren’t natural marketers — and that’s okay. While creators and influencers rely on marketing instincts and strategies to build valuable audiences, athletes have an audience built-in — their fans. But to take the leap from ordinary athlete to endorsement marketing superstar, athletes need to define their personal brand and commit to a series

Approaching Athlete Marketing with Watch-Momentum’s Alec Palmer

After firing off an email in the middle of class, Alec Palmer quickly found himself shooting a video for an athlete who would soon become the most outspoken voice in baseball. Countless shoots and strategy sessions later, Palmer is now Director of Marketing for Watch-Momentum, an athlete-driven media company co-founder by 2020 Cy Young winner