Top MLB Content During Quarantine from Opendorse
MLB Players are Turning to Social Media to Connect with Fans

We’re another week into social distancing and social media has become a connection to the outside world for athletes and fans alike. For many, social has provided an outlet for fun, creativity, and the basic person-to-person connection that we’re all missing right now. While there’s no playbook for our current situation, the opportunity with social remains

Name Image, and Likeness Rights for Marketing part 3
Navigating Athlete Name, Image and Likeness Part 3

Measurement Before you complete your first promotion or get your products prepared to market, it’s important to identify measurable metrics and data points to help determine if your use of athlete name, image and likeness created value for your organization. While there are endless ways to determine the success of any business decision, we have

Top MLB Content During Quarantine from Opendorse
How MLB Players Can Connect With Fans and Build Personal Brands

The sports world is in uncharted waters. While we should be looking forward to Opening Day, we’re instead left to wonder when baseball will return to the diamond. But while the first pitch remains undetermined, many players are turning to social media to stay connected to their peers and fans, while growing their personal brands.

How to Build A Network

Establishing a network of social media advocates – from ambassadors and employees to athletes and celebrity influencers – is at the core of a successful social media strategy in 2020. While platform algorithms and best-practices change, one truth remains the same: people have the power on social media. The influence of individuals is measurably more

Rise of Patrick Mahomes on Social
Be Like Pat: 5 Tips Athletes Can Take From the NFL’s Social Media Marketing Champ

Patrick Mahomes has had himself a year. The Kansas City quarterback followed-up his 2018-19 MVP run by taking home the Lombardi Trophy in 2020. Throughout the journey, Mahomes put on a masterclass on how to build an audience, engage fans, and attract sponsors on social media. His paired performance from the field to feeds of

Death of The Single Channel Approach

Too many marketing leaders who understand the importance of social media are still stuck on the single-channel approach. They want to build their channels to reach and engage an ever-growing audience, but a disconnect remains. Growing your owned channels is great. Audience size and engagement are the building blocks of success with social media, and

organic reach on social with ad blockers
Organic Reach and Paid Performance In A World Of Ad Blockers

The average person spends almost 3 hours per day on social media where they interact with the content from the accounts they trust. The problem is that while they’re able to interact with and consume content they care about, there’s also a barrage of ads being shown for things that they may or may not

A Letter from CEO Blake Lawrence: Introducing Opendorse Ready™ — The NIL Readiness Program

Ready for the Future Today, Nebraska Athletics announced its plan to be the first athletic department to provide a tangible solution to help every student-athlete prepare for the coming changes to Name, Image and Likeness policies in collegiate sports. This announcement brings me tremendous joy — not only because Nebraska is my alma mater, or

How athletes earn endorsements and sponsorships
How Athletes Get Endorsements and Sponsorships

Not every athlete signs a contract worth millions of dollars, and if they do, they can always make more. Many athletes today can make just as much and sometimes even more off the field as they do for playing the game they love. Enter Endorsements and Sponsorships. Music to the ears of agents and athletes.

kpis for measuring sports sponsorship roi
10 KPIs Brands Should Be Measuring For ROI in Sponsorship Activation

Sponsorship can be an exceptional way to drive brand awareness and business outcomes as part of an overall marketing strategy. Depending on the sport, a sponsorship, whether for a single event or an entire season, can place a brand in front of tens of millions of consumers. Thrusting a brand into the public spotlight through