5 Rules of Marketing Yourself for NIL Deals

Want to make money on Opendorse? These five rules to marketing yourself for NIL deals will help your chances of getting partnerships:

1. Make it easy for brands to find you

  • Put your Opendorse Profile link in your bio on all social media channels.
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  • Shout out Opendorse on your social media channels and let brands and fans know you’re open to opportunities.
  • Add an Instagram Story Highlight that shows where brands can find you, including your Opendorse Profile link.

2. Consistently post content in your social media feeds

  • Brands are looking at things like post frequency, engagement, and total followers when evaluating potential partners.
  • Not only will consistent content attract brands, but it will also help you grow your followers.
  • Sharing your own content more often than resharing others’ helps you get noticed by brands.
    • For example: If you are only retweeting other accounts but not posting anything original, that can deter a brand from wanting to work with you. If you’re inspired to retweet something, consider putting it in your own words for a personal touch.

3. High quality content matters

  • Not everything has to be perfect in terms of quality, but brands look at your content and determine if you can represent their company well. If your feed is consistently low-quality images and poor copy, it reflects your personal brand.

4. Use your content to represent your brand

  • Brands want authentic partners. Your content should match who you are and what you want to share on social media.
  • Wondering what to post? Think about the brand you are trying to establish and portray, then post content related to that.
  • When determining your content strategy, consider:
    • Capturing content in bulk and trickle it out on your social media channels over time.
    • Lean on your teams, schools, or organizations to share content with you – and share it on your feeds.
    • Don’t be afraid to show who you are away from competition or games. That helps attracts brands that align with those interests.
    • Share photos that include your face. Most brand deals will require that, so when the sponsored content shows up to your followers, it will perform better because it’s authentic.
    • Use tools like Opendorse to help plan and schedule sharing or capturing content.

5. If you see a brand you like, DM them and let them know you’d love to work with them

  • Share your Opendorse Profile link so they can send you a deal. Always start with how passionate you are about their business and how you want to help them grow as a business.