Athlete Endorsements:
An opportunity at every level

Marketing success is no longer isolated to superstars. Today, athletes at all levels of fame and influence can captivate audiences and establish valuable partnerships.

More access, more opportunity

Endorsement marketing in sports had long been a way-one conversation – an athlete endorsing a brand, product or service, sharing their favor with fans. Prior to social media and auxiliary internet outlets, the athlete’s relationship was formed with fans by their performance on the field and comments during a broadcast. This fan support dynamic has experienced a monumental shift.

More than star power

Today, athletes are more accessible than ever before. Now support is measured by attention – consuming and engaging with an athlete not just on the broadcast, but on their personal channels. This new reality has made athletes significantly more valuable to their teams, league, sponsors and marketing partners. It has evened the playing field, allowing athletes who lack all-pro performance to earn attention with new tactics and strategies. This new reality has made athlete marketing a massive opportunity and effective tactic in the omni-channel marketing mix.

As a result, more athletes are active and seeking support on social media than ever before. They leverage expert insight, creative contractors, and technology tools to make the most of their moments and earn attention from fans.

More resources pouring into athlete marketing have produced more opportunity for influencer marketing and endorsements. Brands and properties are becoming more innovative and creative in their work alongside athletes.

Meanwhile, athletes from preps to pros are realizing the opportunity. High school and college athletes see what’s possible – the ability to win following their amateur careers by creating that valuable fan connection now – leading them to intentionally and effectively build their brands.

Athletes at every level see the opportunity. They know it’s time to make the most of their moment.

High school athletes can begin building their sphere of influence before graduation.

See how coaches and administrators can empower student-athletes with the right technology and tools to set them up for lasting success.

High School

High school athletes have the attention of their high school peers and fan base. Their status as student-athletes provides a platform in itself. By building effective profiles and consistently sharing their moments on and beyond the field of play, they can become a source of content for their team and school.

Between team photographers, Hudl tape, and local news organizations, plenty of content exists. It’s up to the athletes and their supporters to gain access to share it.

Elite high school athletes – those who are destined to play at the next level – have an even bigger opportunity. College fanbases are feverishly tied into recruiting and often follow their team’s targets. By sharing information about your recruiting journey (think; visits, offers, and commitments) these audiences offer more opportunities to build attention.


Once committed, there’s a new audience for athletes to attract. College athletes have even more moments captured than those at the high school level. Weightlifting sessions, practices, and game highlights are just the tip of the content iceberg in college athletics.

By sharing these moments along with inside looks into daily life, athletes can ingratiate themselves to their massive college fanbase. More good news – more and more teams and athletics departments are investing in teams and tools to help their student athletes share these moments. There’s still ground to be gained, but student-athletes today have more opportunity to establish their personal influence than ever before.


For the elite – the athletes who turn pro – there are even more audiences to feed. Now, these athletes have the fans of their current team, league, and alma mater on the edge of their seat, waiting to be entertained.

Enter a world where social media is the playbook for sports.

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