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Make the most of your moment with Opendorse.

More than 30,000 athletes and their partners use our purpose-built publishing platform to deliver the most powerful moments in sports in the fan’s favorite social media feeds.

Unlock the athlete’s social superpower.

Athletes hold the keys to drive impact, instigate action, and maximize all of your brand’s efforts on social media. But you already know that. You also know getting content in the athlete’s feed is flat-out hard. Built-in barriers exist from athlete access to post fulfillment. It’s time to break down those barriers.

With Opendorse, athletes and their partners win the moments matter — together. An unrivaled athlete network, easy-to-build campaigns, and one-tap publishing tools work in unison to ensure the success of your athlete social marketing strategy. Access is easy. Campaigns are powerful. Fulfillment is eminent. It’s time to change the game.

One-tap Publishing

Moments in sports are maximized when they’re published the athlete’s feed.

Opendorse Publishing™ provides the fulfillment you need with the process athletes trust. Easily deliver tap-to-publish posts directly to an athlete’s feed, promising high-performing content — on time, on message, and with all the right permissions along the way.

Multi-athlete Campaigns

Real growth outcomes — for athletes and your organization — don’t occur by accident.

With Opendorse Campaigns™, your athlete strategy has never been stronger. Build your campaign roster, compose and schedule specific content, and measure high-performing social media activations with athletes and your ambassadors.

Unrivaled Network

With reach to over 1.5 billion fans on social media, more than 30,000 athletes at every level of sports trust Opendorse to publish posts from their partners.

Tap into this existing network to discover and access the athletes who fit your goals, or add your own ambassadors to begin building your next athlete-driven campaign.

Tailored for the future. Ready for the here and now.

Athlete-driven social media is here and it’s growing every day.
Our platform offers seamless integrations and agile innovations
to provide athletes and our partners with everything they need and a whole lot more.

Smart Media Library™

Manage your photos and videos in one place. Simply drop visual content into folders and connect to your favorite sports media repositories for automated retrieval. 

Advanced Analytics

Empower your athletes and stakeholders with actionable insights to measure exactly where individuals and your organization stand on social media. 

Growth-driving tools for every team.

Organizations at every level win by adding athletes to their marketing mix.


It’s never too early to begin building a positive social presence.

Give student-athletes the tools to earn more scholarship offers, establish positive social media practices, and begin building a powerful sphere of influence that will provide value long past their playing days.


Every program promises prospects that they’ll leave campus with a stronger brand than they entered with — but not every team makes it happen.

Deliver real growth for your student-athletes while enacting best-in-class recruiting efforts on social media.


Players want access to their moments. You want more fan engagement. And corporate partners need more inventory.

With Opendorse, everybody wins. Help athletes share their moments, improve their marketability, and expand the footprint of your franchise.


Sports publishers create, curate, and broadcast an endless quantity of assets — and yet, so much content barely sees the light of day.

Maximize effectiveness and fan engagement by bringing those under-the-radar moments from the shelves to the featured athlete’s feed.


Sponsors and advertisers at every level are after one thing: connection to the fan.

Maximize your marketing spend and corporate activations by reaching those fans where they’re most engaged and likely to take action — their favorite athlete’s social media feeds.

Pick your perfect plan

Connect your social media playbook to revenue outcomes with athlete marketing.

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