Introducing: Opendorse Ready™

Big rule changes arrive in 2021 regarding name, image, and likeness (NIL).
So we’ve developed a readiness program for institutions and their student-athletes.

Change is coming. We've been ready.

Opendorse Ready is the Student-Athlete Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) Readiness Program. The program exists to help student-athletes prepare and maximize the value of their NIL – whether in college (as the rules begin to change), or following their amateur career. The program provides three core pillars to student-athlete success on social media: Assessment, Education, and Performance – tailored to personally assist each athlete.



Provide each student-athlete with an in-depth analysis of ‘social media health,’ featuring personalized insights and valuation of their social media Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL).



From benchmarks to tools and personal planning, student-athletes receive education emphasizing the opportunity and the next steps in the process for maximizing the value of their NIL.



Now it’s time to put their personal insights and education into practice. The best part is they’re doing so alongside our Guides with proven experience delivering high-performing social campaigns.

Social media is the next frontier.

When it comes to NIL, social media is the great equalizer. But it’s not easy to be great. To win, athletes need access to content, education to their strengths and weaknesses, and benchmarks of where they stand and where they want to go. With Opendorse Ready, we analyze the social media channels of each student-athlete. They also get:


 Comprehensive Profile Review

 Detailed Post Analysis

 Keyword Audit

 Report Card

 Social Ranking & Social Summary

 Individual Valuation

 Potential Earnings Assessment


Great athletes are designed to be coached.

This is all new. It’s a new frontier. Even the top teams and athletics departments in college sports need help student-athletes make the most of their moment. But we’ve been doing it for years. We provide training and education on best practices to maximize their value on social.

Performance Benchmarks

Custom Content Calendars

Personalized Campaign Themes

Education & Planning Sessions

Setup & Onboarding

Bi-Weekly NIL Academy

Expert guidance every step of the way.

When it comes time to execute on a new plan we’ll be there. The Performance stage helps each student put their personal insights and education into practice on social media.


Media Curation

Content Creation

Content Delivery

Performance Reporting

Are you ready?

Opendorse has 7+ years of experience helping athletes at the highest levels of professional sports maximize the value of their NIL – now we are taking that expertise and applying it to empower collegiate athletes and their programs.