Top 100 Highest-Paid Athlete Endorsers of 2016

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The following athletes raked in over $924 million in endorsements over the last year, up from the $917 million total of the Highest-Paid Athlete Endorsers of 2015. As the athlete endorsement industry continues to expand, brands and sponsors are finding new, innovative ways to embrace and leverage the influence of professional athletes. The Opendorse team has analyzed this year’s highest-paid athletes, their current endorsement deals, earning power, and estimated cost per Twitter endorsement.

Note: Projected 2016 endorsement earnings per Forbes World’s Highest Paid Athletes. Earnings projections are subject to change and will be updated as new endorsement details are discovered.

1. Roger Federer | ATP

Yearly EndRoger_Federerorsement Earnings: $60,000,000

Twitter Followers: 5,330,000

Opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $31,660

Notable Endorsement Deals: Wilson | Nike  | Rolex | Mercedes-Benz | Gillette | Credit Suisse

Although Federer’s best days on the court are almost certainly behind him, his decade-long reign atop the world rankings has cemented him as tennis’ most marketable superstar. At 34 years old, Federer is the oldest player in the ATP World Tour Ranking’s top 5, sitting at No. 3 behind Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray. Much of Federer’s ongoing success as the world’s highest-paid athlete endorser can be linked to several long-term deals he holds with premiere brands including Nike, Mercedes, and Rolex.

2. LeBron James | NBA | Cleveland Cavaliers

YearlLebron_Jamesy Endorsement Earnings: $54,000,000

Twitter Followers: 31,200,000

Opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $185,328

Notable Endorsement Deals: Beats by Dre | Coca-Cola | Kia | McDonald’s | Samsung | Nike

After earning his third championship and Finals MVP, LeBron made it clear that he’s still at the top of his game in 2016 and brands agree. He made headlines in the sponsorship world earlier this year when he signed a lifetime deal with Nike, rumored to be worth over $1 billion. With ambitions to become the first billionaire athlete, LeBron’s endorsement earnings dwarf that of his $23.2 million per year salary (this has potential to balloon in conjunction with the NBA salary cap jump). His endorsement portfolio is a who’s who of major brands, including Nike, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Beats by Dre, and more. James has acted as the face of campaigns for many of these brands, but isn’t limiting his time on camera to commercials — He starred in a supporting role alongside Amy Schumer and Bill Haider in the film Trainwreck last summer and is set to star in the highly anticipated Space Jam 2. 

3. Phil Mickelson | PGA Tour

Phil Mickelson at Muirfield VillageYearly Endorsement Earnings: $50,000,000

Twitter Followers: Not currently on Twitter

Opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: N/A

Notable Endorsement Deals: KPMG | Rolex | ExxonMobil | Callaway | Barclays

Lefty remains one of the most popular golfers in the world and vaulted over Tiger Woods in earnings in 2016. At age 46, he has won 42 times on tour with five major championships and was inducted in the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2012. After his 2010 psoriatic arthritis diagnosis, Mickelson picked up an endorsement with Enbrel, a drug prescribed to treat the disease. Mickelson may be entering the twilight of his career on the course (currently the No. 20-ranked golfer on the PGA Tour) his earning power has never been stronger. He boasts endorsement partners like Callaway, Rolex, and Exxon Mobile.

4. Tiger Woods | PGA Tour

Yearly EnTiger_Woodsdorsement Earnings: $45,000,000

Twitter Followers: 5,870,000

Opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $34,380

Notable Endorsement Deals: Nike | Upper Deck | Rolex | Hero MotoCorp

Tiger continues to struggle on the course, ravaged by injuries and missed cuts, but he remains one of the most marketable athletes in the entire world. His game isn’t what it once was, but Woods’ endorsement profile still includes major deals with Nike, Rolex, and Hero Motorcycles.

Although Tiger’s current struggles must be a source of frustration for brand partners, he did provide Nike with perhaps the greatest unplanned advertisement in sports history at Augusta in 2005.

5. Kevin Durant | NBA | Golden State Warriors

Kevin_DurantYearly Endorsement Earnings: $36,000,000

Twitter Followers: 14,000,000

Opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $80,388

Notable Endorsement Deals: Nike | 2k Sports | Sprint | BBVA | Beats by Dre | Panini

After a couple of injury-plagued seasons, Durant returned in 2016 to peak form and reasserted himself as one of the top talents in the NBA, leading the Thunder to game 7 of the Western Conference Finals. His decision to sign with the Golden State Warriors shook up the basketball world and is likely to have ripples in the endorsement world as well. As it currently stands, KD’s endorsement portfolio is in a great position. In 2014 he inked a 10-year deal with Nike, estimated to be worth up to $300 million. After Nike, Durant doesn’t boast as many blue chip brands as LeBron, but enjoys lucrative deals with American Family Insurance, Sonic, 2K Sports, and more.

6. Rory McIlroy | PGA Tour

Yearly Endorsement Earnings: $35,000,000

Twitter Followers: 2,900,000

Opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $16,269

Notable Endorsement Deals: Nike | Bose | EA Sports | Omega | Upper Deck

In 2013, Nike bet big on Rory McIlroy with a 10-year deal worth $250 million. Essentially, Nike was betting that Rory would be the predecessor to Tiger Woods as golf’s next transcendent star. While Jordan Spieth may have something to say about that, Rory is a mainstay in the PGA Tour Ranking’s Top-5. Since his infamous final-round collapse at the 2011 Masters, Rory put together an impressive run, winning the 2011 U.S. Open, the 2012 PGA Championship, the 2014 Open Championship, and the 2014 PGA Championship. He is one of just three players to win three majors by the age of 25. The other two? Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods. Pretty good company for who Nike hopes will be golf’s next big thing.

This spring McIlroy appeared in another commercial for Nike, further cementing his image and as the brand’s future on the links and one of the most marketable players on Tour.

7. Novak Djokovic | ATP

Yearly Ennovakdorsement Earnings: $34,000,000

Twitter Followers: 5,780,000

Opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $33,952

Notable Endorsement Deals: Adidas | Pugeot | Head | Uniqio | Seiko

As the careers of Federer and Rafael Nadal wind down, Djokovic appears poised to continue his run of recent dominance. Last year, Djokovic became the first player to eclipse $20 million in on-court earnings in one season. His endorsement earnings, while not yet on par with Federer’s, reflect that success. As Djokovic continues to assert himself as the face of tennis, brands will join Adidas, Head, and Pugeot as top endorsement partners of the 30-year old Serbian.

8. Rafael Nadal | ATP

Rafael_NadalYearly Endorsement Earnings: 32,000,000

Twitter Followers: 9,910,000

Opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $53,633

Notable Endorsement Deals: Tommy Hilfiger | Kia | Nike | Babolat | Telefonica

Although Rafa’s recent years have been marred by injury, many feel the “King of Clay” still has top-tier tennis in the tank and his 14 Grand Slam titles are appealing to marketers of all sorts. Nadal is just the second male player to complete the singles Career Golden Slam — winning all four Grand Slam tournaments and the Olympic gold medal during his career. While his on-court production is slowing, his endorsement earnings are stronger than ever with new deals from Tommy Hilfiger and Telefonica, a Spanish communications business.

9. Jordan Spieth | PGA

Yearly EndorJordan Spiethsement Earnings: $32,000,000

Twitter Followers: 1,530,000

Opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $8,708

Notable Endorsement Deals: AT&T | Coca-Cola | Rolex | Titleist | Under Armour

The list of athletes who had a better year than Jordan Spieth is short. After winning the 2015 Masters, U.S. Open and contending in the Open and PGA Championship, Spieth has staked his claim alongside McIlroy as one of golf’s next superstars. His success vaulted him nearly 20 spots in the endorsement rankings. Spieth headlined an impressive endorsement year for Under Armour alongside Steph Curry, Cam Newton and Bryce Harper. It’s getting harder and harder to ignore one of golf’s brightest young stars.

10. Cristiano Ronaldo | La Liga | Real Madrid

Yearly Endorsement Earnings: $32,000,000

Twitter Followers: 43,100,000

Opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $258,859

Notable Endorsement Deals: CR7 | Nike | Tag Heuer | Herbalife | | Monster Headphones | Sacoor Brothers

With over 112 million Facebook fans, 43 million Twitter followers, and almost 63 million Instagram followers, Ronaldo is the most followed athlete on social media. His once-in-a-generation talent and male model-esque look make him a major target for marketers. Ronaldo is widely considered one of the top two footballers in the world, plays for one of the most valuable franchises in sports, and enjoys massive endorsement deals from Nike and Tag Heuer, among others. He even has his own underwear and shirt line, CR7. Of course he does.

11. Usain Bolt | Racers Track Club

Yearly EUsain_Boltndorsement Earnings: $30,000,000

Twitter Followers: 3,980,000

Opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $22,590

Notable Endorsement Deals: Gatorade | Hublot | Nissan | Ana | Puma

It’s an Olympic year meaning the World’s Fastest Man is back in the global spotlight and he’s as marketable as ever. His career on the track may be nearing it’s end but his time as one of the most marketable figures in the world is still just beginning. The six-time Olympic gold medalist’s deal with Puma currently pays $10 million per year through 2017, and is set to pay up to $4 million per year though 2025.

12. Kei Nishikori | ATP

Yearly EKei_Nishikorindorsement Earnings: $30,000,000

Twitter Followers: 355,000

Opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $1,945

Notable Endorsement Deals: Adidas | Uniqlo | Nissin | Jaguar | Wilson | TAG Heuer

Although he has been ranked in the world’s top eight for nearly two years, Nishikori isn’t quite a household name in American media. In Japan, however, Nishikori is an icon. Nishikori is the only Japanese player to ever hold a spot in the top 10. At only 26, Nishikori’s best days as a tennis player are likely ahead of him, and he has the opportunity to continue to rise in the rankings and in the eyes of potential brand sponsors.

13. Lionel Messi | La Liga | Futbol Club Barcelona

Yearly Endorsement Earnings: $28,000,000

Twitter Followers: Not currently on Twitter

Opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: N/A

Notable Endorsement Deals: Adidas | EA Sports | Tata | Gatorade | Gillette

You can’t have a conversation about the best soccer player in the world without talking about Messi. He’s the reigning FIFA Player of the Year — he’s won the award five times. In addition to a myriad of awards on the field, Messi has won awards for his endorsement work off it. Turkish Airline’s Kobe vs. Messi: The Selfie Shootout was selected as YouTube’s Ad of the Decade. While the Argentine star is known as a humble, private, almost anti-pitchman, his lack of self-promotion hasn’t deterred brands including Gatorade and Adidas to shape campaigns around his on-field ability.

14. Kobe Bryant | NBA | Los Angeles Lakers

Yearly BKN-NBA-GRIZZLIES-LAKERSEndorsement Earnings: $25,000,000

Twitter Followers: 9,670,000

Opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $56,802

Notable Endorsement Deals: BODYARMOR | Hublot | Nike | Panini

His final season, a farewell tour of sorts, hardly resembled his 19 seasons before it but still held impressive marketing power. Brands flocked as the sports world paid homage to one of the basketball’s top talent. Bryant’s post-basketball business venture, an investment company called Kobe Inc., appears to be in great shape. The firm’s first investment was in 2014, purchasing over 10% of up-and-coming sports drink company, BodyArmour, which Bryant has not been shy in promoting. Throughout Bryant’s career, he has agreed to signature shoe deals with both Nike and Adidas, with Nike as his current deal.

Nike capitalized on Kobe’s final season with a variety of compelling TV ads like this, this and this.

15. Neymar | La Liga | Futbol Club Barcelona

Yearly EndoNeymarrsement Earnings: $23,000,000

Twitter Followers: 22,600,000

Opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $128,278

Notable Endorsement Deals: Unilever | Konami | Nike | Red Bull | Volkswagen | Gillette | Panasonic 

He’s got the hair, the flair and is electric with the ball; 24-year old Neymar is likely to replace Messi and Ronaldo as the greatest soccer player in the world. Neymar’s endorsement earnings already outweigh that of his contract from Barcelona. In 2012 and 2013, SportsPro named Neymar the World’s Most Marketable Athlete due to his age, promise, charisma, and his influence in his home country of Brazil. In Brazil, Neymar is expected to fill the shoes of Pele, the Brazilian legend. Expect expectations to rise along with Neymar’s marketability as the 2018 FIFA World Cup nears.

16. Maria Sharapova | WTA

Yearly EndMaria_Sharapovaorsement Earnings: $20,000,000

Twitter Followers: 2,820,000

Opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $14,517

Notable Endorsement Deals: Avon | Evian | Nike | Porsche | NetJets | Head 

Last year was a year to forget for Sharapova. Sure, the 29-year old’s on-court production isn’t what it once was, but she was dealt her biggest blow in the form of an announcement that she failed a drug test at the Australian Open in January. Her endorsements, while still coming in at an impressive $20M, suffered as a result. Tag Heuer, a previous sponsor of Sharapova, ended discussions for contract renewal. Neither Porsche nor Nike terminated their contract with Sharapova, but they suspended promotions featuring the Russian-born star. 

17. Serena Williams | WTA

Yearly EndoSerena Williamsrsement Earnings: $20,000,000

Twitter Followers: 6,220,000

Opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $36,947

Notable Endorsement Deals: Chase | Gatorade | Wilson | Nike | Hewlett-Packard | Beats by Dre  | Delta

Serena is the most dominant tennis player in the world and has owned the women’s game for some time, yet this is the first year she’s topped Forbes’ list of highest-paid female athletes. While her endorsement earnings are equal to that of Sharapova, Williams earned almost ten times what Sharapova earned in winnings. Williams’ endorsement portfolio is booming as she continues to dominate the circuit — expect her to capture the title of top female athlete endorser very soon.

18. James Harden | NBA | Houston Rockets

Yearly EndoJames_Hardenrsement Earnings: $17,000,000

Twitter Followers: 3,520,000

Opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $19,050

Notable Endorsement Deals: Beats By Dre | BODYARMOR | New Era | Adidas | BBVA | Foot Locker

After finishing second in MVP voting in 2015 and leading the Rockets to the Western Conference Finals, Harden’s game took a step back but his endorsements took a major step up. He earned $4M off the court last year and $17M this year. Harden’s infamous beard and eclectic persona makes him extremely marketable, and Adidas highlights that persona as often as they can as a part of the $200M deal they signed last year.

19. Andy Murray | ATP

Yearly EndAndy_Murrayorsement Earnings: $15,000,000

Twitter Followers: 3,590,000

Opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $20,851

Notable Endorsement Deals: HEAD | Jaguar | Standard Life | Under Armour

Unlike Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal on the list ahead of him, British tennis star Andy Murray appears to have his best days ahead of him. Murray was a household name in tennis circles but became an icon when, in 2013, he became the first Brit to win Wimbledon since 1936. While Murray has only won two Grand Slam titles, he looks poised to be Djokovic’s primary challenger for years to come. If Murray can capture more Grand Slam titles, we expect his endorsement earning power to rise.

20. Peyton Manning | NFL | Denver Broncos

Yearly EndPeyton_Manningorsement Earnings: $15,000,000

Twitter Followers: Not currently on Twitter

Opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: N/A

Notable Endorsement Deals: Buick | DirecTV | Gatorade | Nationwide | Papa John’s | Nike | Fanatics

Manning defended his title in 2016 as the NFL’s most marketable playing, pulling in $15M off the field. His endorsement efforts were aided by a storybook ending to his hall of fame career, hoisting the Lombardi trophy and subsequently announcing his retirement. His ability to throw the ball downfield has waned, but his pitchman skills have never been stronger. He’s been the face of campaigns for Buick, Nationwide Insurance and DirecTV for years and he appears poised for success after football as the owner of nearly 30 Papa John’s pizza stores across the country. Manning’s laundry list of football accomplishments, a clean public image, and his dry, everyman sense of humor make him the NFL’s most sought after athlete endorser.

21. Derrick Rose | NBA | New York Knicks

Yearly EnDerrick_Rosedorsement Earnings: $14,000,000

Twitter Followers: 2,350,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $9,926

Notable Endorsement Deals: Adidas | Powerade

When discussing the top NBA players he has become somewhat of an afterthought, but when discussing the NBA’s top endorsement earners, Derrick Rose remains near the top. A former MVP, the youngest in NBA history, Rose is still reaping the benefits of his younger, healthier self. He signed a 13-year, $185 million shoe deal with Adidas in 2012, solidifying him as one of the NBA’s highest off-court earners for the near future. He was recently dealt to New York and if Rose can return to something resembling his old self, it’ll be exciting times on the hardwood in the Big Apple and Rose will surely see an uptick in his endorsement activity.

22. Steph Curry | NBA | Golden State Warriors

Yearly Endorsement Earnings: $12,000,000

Twitter Followers: 5,680,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $32,989

Notable Endorsement Deals: Chase | Muscle Milk | State Farm | Under Armour

Golden State’s baby-faced assassin took the NBA world by storm with his made-for-Vine half-court buzzer beaters and flashy handles. Assuming he stays healthy, Curry will be a face of the league during the next decade — he’s already the face of Under Armour’s basketball brand and has brought them to relevance in basketball circles. Even his so-called flops, the Curry Two Low “Chef” model that instantly vaulted to ammunition for Twitter comedians, did very well in sales. Curry is far from a one act show, however, appearing in State Farm ads as one of their signature assist…ers along with his “twin brother” Sebastian Curry.

23. Drew Brees | NFL | New Orleans Saints

Yearly Endorsement Earnings: $12,000,000

Twitter Followers: 2,400,00

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $13,622

Notable Endorsement Deals: Wrangler | Advocare | Verizon | Nike | Microsoft | P & G | PepsiCo 

Trailing only Peyton Manning, Brees is the second NFL player to make our list of the highest-paid athlete endorsers. Brees has a Super Bowl ring and has been the keystone in one of the league’s top passing attacks for the last decade. He’s fourth on the all-time passing yards list and will likely move into third next season. He’s a humble, family-oriented figure and his double-digit endorsement deals are evidence of that.

24. Dwyane Wade | NBA | Chicago Bulls

Yearly Endorsement Earnings: $12,000,000

Twitter Followers: 5,450,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $31,294

Notable Endorsement Deals: Peppridge Farms | EnduraCool | Gatorade | FanDuel | Li-Ning

Although his time winning championships may be over, Dwayne Wade’s time as a powerful brand figure is certainly not. He’s headed home to Chicago to play for the Bulls on a two-year deal and is the face of Chinese shoe brand Li-Ning. His 2012 deal with the Chinese mega brand Li-Ning included an equity stake in the company. Considered a front-runner of NBA fashion, Wade also claims his own tie, pocket square, and sock collection sold on

25. Floyd Mayweather Jr. | Boxing

Yearly EnFloyd_Mayweatherdorsement Earnings: $12,000,000

Twitter Followers: 6,900,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $37,343

Notable Endorsement Deals: Burger King | FanDuel | Hublot 

Unlike top-earning athletes, the majority of Mayweather’s income comes from his accomplishments in the ring – he brought home $180M from his 2015 fight with Manny Pacquiao. He has an impressive endorsement portfolio to go along with his 49-0 career record, totaling over $12M.

26. Cam Newton| NFL | Carolina Panthers

Yearly EndoCam_Newtonrsement Earnings: $12,000,000

Twitter Followers: 755,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $4,036

Notable Endorsement Deals: Beats by Dre | Under Armour | Gatorade | EA Sports

SuperCam’s unabashed celebrations have turned him into a lightning rod for criticism, but his production cannot be denied and plenty of brands are jumping on the bandwagon of the 27-year old MVP. He’s become the face of Under Armour’s football arm, joining Jordan Spieth, Steph Curry and Bryce Harper as young stars leading the charge for UA. His electric persona and illuminating smile make him perfect for TV spots. Don’t expect Cam’s endorsement presence to go away any time soon.

27. Kyrie Irving | NBA | Cleveland Cavaliers

Yearly EnKyrie_Irvingdorsement Earnings: $11,000,000

Twitter Followers: 2,850,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $15,989

Notable Endorsement Deals: Nike | Skullcandy | Activision | Pepsi | Verizon | Panini | Foot Locker

At just 24 years old, Kyrie is the youngest athlete on our list, and coming off a Finals performance for the ages, his ceiling has never been higher. The former Duke Blue Devil quickly won over NBA fans with his jaw-dropping handles and knack for knocking down big shots, and endorsers came running. Starring as Uncle Drew in Pepsi’s viral campaign, Kyrie has shown that he’s more than comfortable in front of the camera and his signature kicks are among Nike’s most popular of the basketball variety.

28. Gareth Bale | La Liga | Real Madrid

Yearly EndorGareth_Balesement Earnings: $11,000,000

Twitter Followers: 8,410,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $43,850

Notable Endorsement Deals: Adidas | Konami | EA Sports | Foot Locker | Sony

Two years after Adidas invested big money in the Welsh superstar, they look to have made the right move. At  just 26 years old, the Real Madrid winger looks to be one of the faces of futbol for the next decade. He’s due for an impressive payday from Real Madrid in the near future as well. When he’s not playing in La Liga, Bale is as a feared a matchup there is in the international game, leading Wales’ attack. In early 2015, Bale and fellow footballers teamed up for Adidas to acknowledge their haters.

29. Russell Wilson | NFL | Seattle Seahawks

Yearly Endorsement Earnings: $10,000,000

Twitter Followers: 1,700,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $17,952

Notable Endorsement Deals: American Family Insurance | Bose | Microsoft | Braun | Alaska Airlines | Nike | Wilson

Russell Wilson’s seemingly immediate on-field success and squeaky clean image are the perfect combination for marketers. Wilson slipped in the 2012 draft before leading the Seahawks to two consecutive Super Bowls, in 2014 and 2015. His humility and underdog persona have been captured in a variety of marketing campaigns throughout the first part of his career. As unflappable in the pocket as he in in front of the camera, Wilson is likely going nowhere when it comes to the NFL playoffs and major marketing deals.

30. Russell Westbrook | NBA | Oklahoma City Thunder

Yearly ERussell_Westbrookndorsement Earnings: $9,000,000

Twitter Followers: 3,200,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $17,952

Notable Endorsement Deals: Mountain Dew | Nike | True Religion | Subway

Part NBA star, part fashion mogul, Russell Westbrook’s on-court image is as strong as ever. With Kevin Durant gone from OKC, it’s Russ’ show and he’s a frontrunner for 2017 NBA MVP. His endorsements are catching up, too. His endorsement income doubled over the last year thanks in large part to events like Nike releasing his first ever Jordan-brand signature shoe in 2015. Very active in the fashion industry, Westbrook was the creative director and TV ad star of True Religion’s 2015 spring campaign. While Kevin Durant’s free agency was the talk of the basketball world during the summer of 2016, expect similar noise for Westbrook following the 2017 season.

31. Dale Earnhardt Jr. | NASCAR | Hendrick Motorsports

Yearly EndDale_Jrorsement Earning: $8,500,000

Twitter Followers: 1,510,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $8,471

Notable Endorsement Deals: Amp | Chevrolet | Nationwide | Wrangler

NASCAR is powered by endorsements and nobody does it better than Dale Earnhardt Jr. Junior, our first racer on the list, has been named most popular driver for the last 13 years. His dominance on the track is not what it once was, but the two-time Daytona 500 winner still has high-level racing in the tank and continues to rake in new endorsements, adding to his longtime partners Chevrolet and Nationwide.  

 32. Jason Day | PGA Tour

YearlJason_Dayy Endorsement Earnings: $8,500,000

Twitter Followers: 300,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $17,952

Notable Endorsement Deals: TaylorMade | Adidas | Rolex | NetJets | Zurich | Lexus

Day’s first major championship came in 2015 at the PGA Championship at Whistling Straits, but it wasn’t just any major victory. The Australian became the first golfer to finish a major at 20-under par. He’s far from a one-hit wonder, however, spending significant time as the world’s top-ranked golfer and claiming the Players Championship for his 10th title as a professional. His endorsement portfolio is becoming more gaudy with each passing month, joining our list for the first time this year and already at No. 32.

33. Chris Paul | NBA | Los Angeles Clippers

Yearly EndoChris_Paulrsement Earnings: $8,500,000

Twitter Followers: 5,100,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $26,611

Notable Endorsement Deals: FanDuel | Nike | State Farm | Steiner Sports | Panini

No stranger to bigtime campaigns, CP3 has been the front man for State Farm’s Born To Assist campaign for years and is an key piece in their Meet the Hoopers campaign. Chris has been as effective and consistent a floor general over the past decade but has yet to break through and get to the conference finals, but Paul’s $8.5M endorsement income should help to ease that pain. He’s one of the Jordan brand’s top NBA athletes.

34. Blake Griffin | NBA | Los Angeles Clippers

Yearly End136832717orsement Earnings: $8,000,000

Twitter Followers: 3,710,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $20,813

Notable Endorsement Deals:  Kia | Nike | Red Bull | Tencent

Last season was undeniably Griffin’s worst on the court. He struggled to stay healthy and scuffled with a team employee, only to watch his Clippers perform better with him out of the lineup. Trade rumors swirled as the the once-hailed “Lob City” failed again to make a playoff run. Despite the turmoil, Blake proved himself marketable once again, seeing improvements in his off-court earnings. Successful campaigns with Kia, Nike and Redbull will likely continue, but 2017 holds serious questions for the high-flying, once perennial All Star. If he can lead a winner, expect another big jump in Blake Griffin’s endorsement earnings.

35. Carmelo Anthony | NBA | New York Knicks

Yearly Endorsement Earnings: $8,000,000

Twitter Followers: 7,700,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $44,103

Notable Endorsement Deals: Panini | Jordan Brand | Macy’s | DraftKings | Nickelodeon | Haute Time | Las Vegas Sands

With two years remaining on $124M deal he signed with the Knicks in 2014, Carmelo Anthony is set to have the highest salary in the NBA next season, and his endorsement portfolio is impressive as well. The eight-time All-Star is more than just a matchup nightmare for defenders. He’s developed into a pop culture and fashion icon, most recently exploring the world of venture capitalism. A member of the exclusive 20,000 point club, Melo still has a few productive years left among the league’s best. He’s made the most of his time in the media capital, securing major endorsement deals with the Jordan Brand, DraftKings and Las Vegas Sands Hotel. Summer trade rumors involving Melo have become somewhat of an annual occurrence and we can expect Melo to play a prominent role in NBA summer, as he’s poised for a big showing with Team USA in Rio.

36. Tom Brady | NFL | New England Patriots

Yearly Endorsement Earnings: $8,000,000

Twitter Followers: Not currently on Twitter

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: N/A

Notable Endorsement Deals: Under Armour | Ugg | Tag Heuer | Simmons

Few things in the NFL are as sure as Tom Brady. His prolonged production has resulted four Super Bowls and a place among the all-time greats. Although his reputation may have been marred as a result of the “Deflategate” scandal, Brady’s endorsement partners didn’t budge. For a star of his caliber, Brady has kept a fairly small portfolio. Despite his perceived selectiveness, Brady is front-and-center for the brands he does endorse. While his remaining years of elite-level passing may be few, his marketability remains as strong as ever. The 10-time Pro Bowler led the NFL in merchandise sales last year.

37. Eli Manning | NFL | New York Giants

Yearly EndorEli Manningsement Earnings: $8,000,000

Twitter Followers: Not currently on Twitter

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: N/A

Notable Endorsement Deals: Toyota | DirecTV | Dunkin’ Donuts | Gatorade | Nike | Citizen Watches

With the retirement of Peyton Manning, Eli became the NFL player with the most career earnings ($188M). Perhaps overshadowed by a disappointing finish for the Giants, Eli put together what might have been his best season as a pro in 2015, posting career highs in touchdowns (35) and passer rating (93.6) and continued his roll as an endorsement superstar in the Big Apple. Brands love winners, and Eli’s two Super Bowl rings will catch the eyes of marketers for years to come.

38. Sergio Aguero | Premier League | Manchester City

Yearly EndorsSergio_Agueroement Earnings: $7,500,000

Twitter Followers: 10,000,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $51,480

Notable Endorsement Deals: EA Sports | PepsiCo | Puma 

Sergio Aguero is in his prime, recently having netted his 100th Premier League goal. His marketability is at an all-time high as well, as the Argentine striker recently released his autobiography. At 28, the Manchester City striker is starting to enter the conversation with the world’s best and appears poised to climb the list of the highest paid footballers.

39. James Rodriguez | La Liga | Real Madrid

Yearly EnJames_Rodriguezdorsement Earnings: $7,000,000

Twitter Followers: 10,100,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $54,661

Notable Endorsement Deals: Adidas | Pepsi |  Huawei | Hugo Boss |

When Real Madrid signed James in 2014, they paired one of the game’s brightest young stars with perhaps the most recognizable, talented figure in the game, Cristiano Ronaldo. There are plenty of expectations on the 25-year old, but James is ultra-smooth under pressure. As James continues his ascension, expect more brands to jump on board as Adidas did, when they extended their deal with him after he signed with Real.

40. Paul George | NBA | Indiana Pacers

Yearly EnPaulGeorgedorsement Earnings: $7,000,000

Twitter Followers: 1,460,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $7,998

Notable Endorsement Deals: Nike | Fan Duel | Fanatics | New Era | Bass Pro Shops | Gatorad

After suffering a gruesome double fracture to his left leg in the summer of 2014, Paul George returned to peak form last season, returning to the All Star game and averaging 23 points for the playoff-bound Pacers. George missed just one game in 2015-2016. His dynamic playing style and story of perseverance are loved by marketers and he boasts an impressive list of big name brands. The 26-year old is widely considered to be on par with the league’s elite and he’s making his first appearance on our list. Some injury-free longevity will allow George to continue his rise on the Top-100 list.

41. Zlatan Ibrahimovic | English Premier League | Manchester United

Yearly EndorZlatan_Ibrahimoviccsement Earnings: $7,000,000

Twitter Followers: 3,650,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $19,031

Notable Endorsement Deals: Adidas | Volvo

Zlatan’s talent is undeniable. The 6’5″ forward effortlessly powers through defenses to amass an impressive array of records and awards like the 2013 FIFA Puskas Award for “Goal of the Year” after completing an insane bicycle kick during a game against England. He made headlines for Sweden in Euro 2016, sporting Adidas boots instead of his typical Nike. Currently a free agent, the speculation is that Zlatan will sign with Manchester United of the EPL and his switch to Adidas strengthened those rumors. He is also endorsed by Volvo, a renowned automaker from his home country of Sweden.

42. David Ortiz | MLB | Boston Red Sox

Yearly EndoDavid_Ortizrsement Earnings: $6,000,000

Twitter Followers: 986,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $5,792

Notable Endorsement Deals: Dunkin’ Donuts | Fanatics | Buffalo Wild Wings | MasterCard | New Balance | JetBlue | Coca-Cola

After a storied career, David Ortiz announced that the 2016 will be his last, but not because he’s incapable of getting it done at the highest level. The Red Sox slugger is leading his team in almost every statistical category through the first part of the season. He’s helped Boston win three World Series titles and has been selected to the All Star game nine times since coming to Beantown in 2003. Brands love his big smile and lovable persona and he’s developed a huge portfolio as a result, teaming up with other prominent stars in New England. Recently Big Papi teamed up with Gronk in an epic, viral commercial for Dunkin’ Donuts’ Dunkin’ Ice Coffee.

43. Jimmie Johnson | NASCAR | Hendrick Motorsports

Yearly EndJimmie_Johnsonorsement Earnings: $6,000,000

Twitter Followers: 2,030,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $11,656

Notable Endorsement Deals: Chevrolet | Gatorade | Lowe’s | Seiko

While Earnhardt Jr. is NASCAR’s most popular and most marketable racer in the last decade, Jimmie Johnson is the most accomplished. He is a six-time Sprint Cup champion and has won 77 Sprint Cup starts.  According to Nielsen and E-Poll, Johnson was America’s most influential athlete in 2011 and 2012. His endorsement portfolio currently includes Chevrolet, Gatorade, Lowe’s and Seiko.

44. Luis Suarez | La Liga | Futbol Club Barcelona

Yearly EndLuis_Suarezorsement Earnings: $6,000,000

Twitter Followers: 6,640,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $35,497

Notable Endorsement Deals: Adidas | Pepsi

Although casual soccer fans know of Suarez for less than admirable reasons, he is considered one of the best footballers in the world. In 2014, he signed to play on FC Barcelona’s frontline alongside superstars Lionel Messi and Neymar. Subsequently, he teamed up with Pepsi to unleash his inner rock star  and is also one of Adidas’ top athletes in the soccer world.

45. Wayne Rooney | Premier League | Manchester United

Yearly EWayne_Rooneyndorsement Earnings: $6,000,000

Twitter Followers: 13,200,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $76,666

Notable Endorsement Deals: Nike | Samsung

According to Forbes, Rooney’s current deal with Manchester United allows the club to negotiate endorsement deals on his behalf. That certainly isn’t stopping the captain from endorsement success, however. The English captain boasts 13,200,000 Twitter followers and frequently posts photos of his three adorable children. Brands love Rooney’s image as a family man and his dedication to building strong families. Last year, he became the first ever ambassador for National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

46. Eden Hazard | Premier League | Chelsea

Yearly Eden_HazardEndorsement Earnings: $5,000,000

Twitter Followers: 4,460,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $24,432

Notable Endorsement Deals: EA Sports | Nike | Topps | Lotus Bakeries

Chelsea’s Eden Hazard has the potential to be one of the best footballers the world has to offer according to his former coach. He’s 25 years old and already has endorsement deals with Nike and EA Sports in addition to doing deals in China and with Lotus Bakeries. His deal with Chelsea is worth a whopping $16M per year. Hazard is also integral piece on an up-and-coming Belgium national team.

47. Dwight Howard | NBA | Atlanta Hawks

Yearly EnDwight_Howarddorsement Earnings: $4,500,000

Twitter Followers: 6,410,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $35,960

Notable Endorsement Deals: Peak Sports | NRG Energy

Another NBA star who took big money to endorse a Chinese shoe brand, Howard is a key spokesman for Peak Sports. Howard is one of 14 NBA players signed with Peak. Once considered the most dominant defensive player in the league, Howard’s career has taken a turn for the worse as of late, as a combination of injuries and chemistry issues have left many questioning his future in a league favoring smaller, more skilled players. Howard signed with the Atlanta Hawks this offseason where he grew up. Should he be able to remain healthy and fit their scheme, expect Howard’s endorsements to pick up once again.

48. Conor McGregor | UFC

Yearly EndorsConor_McGregorement Earnings: $4,000,000

Twitter Followers: 1,850,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: 9,768

Notable Endorsement Deals: Reebok | EA Sports | Rolls-Royce | Anheuser-Busch | Fanatics

Of the top-three best selling UFC Pay Per View events, Conor McGregor has been featured in two of them. Whether it’s out of love or distaste, people can’t get enough of Conor McGregor. His rematch with Nate Diaz at UFC 202 in August is one of the most anticipated UFC fights in history. His cut of PPV revenue pushed is octagon earnings to $18M, compared to the $4M he made in endorsements.

49. Kevin Love | NBA | Cleveland Cavaliers

Yearly EndoKevin_Loversement Earnings: $4,000,000

Twitter Followers: 1,980,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $10,977

Notable Endorsement Deals: BODYARMOR | Banana Republic | Nike | Fantasy Draft | State Farm | Upper Deck

It hasn’t always been smooth sailing for Kevin Love since being dealt to Cleveland in 2014, but a victory in the 2016 NBA Finals will do a lot to silence the K-Love critics. Teaming up with King James has helped his winning percentage, but it also helped his endorsement portfolio. Before the 2015 playoffs, Love and Eric Decker teamed up for Buffalo David Britton’s Love Decker Challenge where they played a friendly game of H-O-R-S-E in Buffalo’s Fleece Jeans. More recently, Kevin Love has been droppin’ dimes and having awkward conversations as the teenager in State Farm’s fictional family, the Hoopers.

50. Lewis Hamilton | Formula 1 | Mercedes AMG

Yearly EndLewis_Hamiltonorsement Earnings: $4,000,000

Twitter Followers: 3,440,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $20,207

Notable Endorsement Deals: Bombardier | L’Oreal  | Monster Energy  | IWC

F1 racing has belonged to Lewis Hamilton as of late. The 31-year old has three F1 World Championships, including last year’s title. His current deal with Mercedes, a three-year extension, has the potential to pay out more than $140M. According to Forbes, UK’s SportsPro magazine named him the most marketable athlete in the world in 2014. He endorses Bombadier and owns one of their $30 million dollar private jets.

51. Buster Posey | MLB | San Francisco Giants

Yearly Endorsement Earnings: $3,000,000

Twitter Followers: 375,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $2,054

Notable Endorsement Deals: BodyArmor | DirecTV | Rawlings | Under Armour | Toyota | NewEra

All he does is win. Posey brought three World Series titles to the Bay Area in his first five seasons, making three All Star games, a batting title, and an MVP award in the process. At 29 years old, he’s young and very marketable, with as impressive an endorsement portfolio as just about anyone in baseball.

52. Bastian Schweinsteiger | English Premier League | Manchester United

Yearly Endorsement Earnings: $3,000,000

Twitter Followers: 3,230,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $16,268

Notable Endorsement Deals: Beats by Dre | Adidas

Manchester United’s acquisition of the the 31-year old provided quality endorsement opportunities for Schweinsteiger. Over 17 seasons with Bayern Munich he amassed 500 appearances, eight Bundesliga titles and one Champions League title. His departure from his home country of Germany was followed with this emotive ad from Beats by Dre, one of his top sponsors.

53. Chris Bosh | NBA | Miami Heat

Yearly EndoChris_Boshrsement Earnings: $3,000,000

Twitter Followers: 2,470,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $13,694

Notable Endorsement Deals: Panini | Fantasy Draft | Nike | Mr. Nice Tie | Janessen

The days of “The Big Three” are done but Chris Bosh is still reaping the benefits after he signed a max deal to stay in South Beach two summers ago. It’s far from all smiles for the 6’11” center, however, who has missed significant time over the past two years with blood clots in his lungs. As a result of his medical situation, Bosh secured a deal with Janessen Pharmaceuticals for their blood thinner Xarelto.

54. Robinson Cano | MLB | Seattle Mariners

YearlyRobinson_Cano Endorsement Earnings: $3,000,000

Twitter Followers: 518,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $2,701

Notable Endorsement Deals: Franklin | HTC | Alaska Airlines | New Balance | Skullcandy

No longer in the Bronx spotlight, Cano has still put together a nice endorsement portfolio during his time in the Pacific Northwest. Cano was the first athlete to sign with Jay-Z’s agency Roc Nation Sports in 2013. The smooth-swinging lefty is one of the most productive offensive second basemen in the history of the game and his impressive numbers, both on and off the field, have shown no sign of slowing.

55. Manny Pacquiao | Boxing

Yearly EndorManny_Pacquiaosement Earnings: $3,000,000

Twitter Followers: 59,600

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $14,617

Notable Endorsement Deals: Butterfinger | Foot Locker | Hennessy | Hewlett-Packard | Nike

Pacquiao’s convincing loss at the hands of Floyd Mayweather in May 2015 appears to have been the beginning of a downhill slide for someone once considered the No. 1 boxer in the world who has earned over $500M in fight purses. Once a frontman for brands like Nike, Foot Locker and Hewlett-Packard, brands avoided Pacquiao in recent years because of objectionable comments he’s made. Still considered a national hero in his home country of the Philippines, PacMan’s portfolio certainly isn’t what it once was, but the newly retired fighter isn’t out of the public eye at home.

56. Miguel Cabrera | MLB | Detroit Tigers

Yearly EndoMiguel_Cabrerarsement Earnings: $2,500,000

Twitter Followers: 747,00

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $3,205

Notable Endorsement Deals: Topps | Franklin | New Balance | Oakley | Wilson

When you talk about the greatest hitters the game has ever seen, Miguel Cabrera is quickly entering the conversation. In 2012, he became the first player to achieve baseball’s triple crown since 1967. He’s appeared in 10 All Star games, has won five Silver Slugger awards and won a world series with the Marlins. He dealt with some off-field issues early on in his career but has stayed out of trouble in recent years and seen his endorsements take off as a result.

57. Albert Pujols | MLB | Los Angeles Angels

Yearly EndoAlbert_Pujolsrsement Earnings: $2,000,000

Twitter Followers: 178,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $987

Notable Endorsement Deals: Marucci | Nike | OhYeah! Nutrition | Rawlings | Toys “R” Us

The Machine” has been mashing baseballs for the last fifteen years and spent significant time atop the list of baseball’s top players, earning himself quite the payday when he departed St. Louis for the West Coast. His ten year contract is worth about $240 million and will have him in LA until the year 2021. Due to his success on the field and charity work off of it, Pujols has become one of the most likeable players in the league.

58. LaMarcus Aldridge | NBA | San Antonio Spurs

Yearly EnLamarcus_aldridgedorsement Earnings: $1,500,000

Twitter Followers: Not Currently on Twitter

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: N/A

Notable Endorsement Deals: Nike | Panini | Gunn Automotive | H-E-B Grocery

One of the most coveted free agents in the summer of 2015, Aldridge elected to join forces in the front court with Tim Duncan. His four-year, $80M deal with San Antonio pairs him with one of the league’s brightest young stars in Kawhi Leonard, almost ensuring the Spurs’ relevance for the foreseeable future. Last season, he led the team in rebounding and was second in scoring. His Lone Star relocation resulted in an uptick in his endorsement activity as well, earning him deals like the one from San Antonio-based grocer H-E-B.

59. Canelo Alvarez | Boxing

Yearly ECanelo_alvarezndorsement Earnings: $1,500,000

Twitter Followers: 637,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $3,111

Notable Endorsement Deals: Tecate | Everlast | Under Armour 

Exit Mayweather and Pacquiao, enter Canelo Alvarez. Canelo is poised to take the throne as boxing’s pay-per-view king and pave the way into a new era for the sport. The two biggest PPV fights in the past year both featured Canelo and at 25 years old, it’s likely that his best days as a fighter and endorser are ahead. He signed with the beer brand Tecate last year. Tecate sponsorships are typically reserved events, but their confidence in Canelo’s future and his marketability made him their first-ever individual athlete sponsor.

60. Angel Di Maria | UEFA Champions League | Paris Saint-Germain

Yearly EndAngel_Di_Mariaorsement Earnings: $1,500,000

Twitter Followers: Not Currently on Twitter 

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: N/A

Notable Endorsement Deals: Adidas

Di Maria made quite a stir in soccer circles last summer when, after an altogether disappointing season, he left Manchester United and signed with Paris Saint-Germain on a four-year deal. He performed admirably for PSG, netting 15 goals and adding 17 assists, finishing as the league’s player of the year behind teammate Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Ibrahimovic’s departure, likely to Manchester United, no less, opens the door for Di Maria to dwell in the spotlight even more and enhance his endorsement portfolio even further.

61. Fernando Alonso | Formula 1 | McLaren-Honda

YearFernando_Alonsoly Endorsement Earnings: $1,500,000

Twitter Followers: 2,420,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $13,896

Notable Endorsement Deals: Oakley | Viceroy

Our second F1 racer on the list is Fernando Alonso. Alonso burst on the racing scene 10 years ago when he became the youngest person at the time to win the Formula 1 Championship. He went on to win the championship again in 2006 making him the youngest two time champion at the time.  Alonso has an endorsement with Oakley saying “Oakley has vision – continually striving for excellence through technology and innovation… traits which are of paramount importance to world class athletes including drivers within F1 circles.” This year, his first with McLaren-Honda, did not go as well as he hoped, as his team struggled with consistency and finished 17th in the standings. His 32 career wins ranks 6th-all time.

62. Demaryius Thomas | NFL | Denver Broncos

Yearly EnDemaryius_Thomasdorsement Earnings: $1,200,000

Twitter Followers: 286,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $1,510

Notable Endorsement Deals: Under Armour

Demaryius Thomas has developed into one of the most productive pass catchers in the NFL in recent years. Thomas has been to three Pro Bowls and won a Super Bowl last season after posting 1,300 yards with the Broncos. In addition to his salary being in the top-five for all NFL receivers, the Georgia Tech product signed a big deal with Under Armour last summer and has been recognized for his “Cleat Bling.”

63. Julio Jones | NFL | Atlanta Falcons

Julio_JonesYearly Endorsement Earnings: $1,200,000

Twitter Followers: 442,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $2,392

Notable Endorsement Deals: VitaCoco | Under Armour | Finish Line 

Armed with arguably the best physical tools in the NFL, Julio Jones has strung together a collection of receiving seasons on par with just about every active receiver. If not for injuries, Jones would’ve posted 1,000-yard campaigns in each of his first five years (he has three). The Falcons rewarded him with handsome five-year, $71.3M deal in the summer of 2015. Jones and Demaryius Thomas make for a dynamic receiving duo repping Under Armour on Sundays.

64. Nico Rosberg | Forumla 1 | Mercedes AMG

Nico_RosbergYearly Endorsement Earnings: $1,000,000

Twitter Followers: 1,330,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $7,461

Notable Endorsement Deals: Thomas Sabo               

There isn’t a hotter Formula 1 racer than Nico Rosberg. The German captured the final three races of 2015 and jumped to the top of the standings with wins in his first four races of 2016. After finishing second behind Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton the past two seasons, Rosberg will look to carry this momentum to a championship in 2016 which will surely help him see a jump in endorsement as well.

65. Joe Johnson | NBA | Utah Jazz

Yearly EnJoe_Johnsondorsement Earnings: $1,000,000

Twitter Followers: 197,497

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $1,043

Notable Endorsement Deals: Jordan 

A 15-year veteran, Johnson has made seven All Star games and played for five teams. He built his reputation on being a consistent scorer with a knack for making big shots. Last season was the final year of his six-year, $120M contract, making him the league’s second-highest paid player behind only Kobe Bryant. Johnson took a roughly $3M hit to his salary in order to join a perceived contender in Miami. When he signed with the Jordan brand, Johnson received so many shoes that he had to build an extra room in his house to store them all.

66. Masahiro Tanaka | MLB | New York Yankees

Yearly EndoMasahiro_Tanakarsement Earning: $1,000,000

Twitter Followers: 1,150,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: N/A

Notable Endorsement Deals: Mizuno

Tanaka was signed by the Yankees in 2014 for $155M, the largest contract for an international free agent. The Japanese righty is asserting himself as the Yankees’ ace quickly earning respect throughout the league. His only current endorsement deal is with Mizuno but expect that to change in the very near future.

67. Luke Kuechly | NFL | Carolina Panthers

Yearly ELuke_Kuechlyndorsement Earnings: $1,000,000

Twitter Followers: 213,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: 1,125

Notable Endorsement Deals: CPI Security | Nike | Pepsi | Gamebreaker Sports

Luke Kuechly penned a five-year $62M extension with the Panthers in September but there was no dip in production after he got paid. Kuechly led the stout Panther D all the way to the Super Bowl. His off-field recognizability and earnings have ballooned as well, as Kuechly was the only defensive player to have his jersey finish the season in the top-10 in sales.

68. Sebastian Vettel | Formula 1 | Scuderia Ferrari

Yearly EnSebastian_Vetteldorsement Earnings: $1,000,000

Twitter Followers: Not currently on Twitter

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: N/A

Notable Endorsement Deals: Ferrari | Geox | Infiniti | Pirelli | Red Bull

Vettel was at the top of the Formula 1 world from 2010-2013, winning four straight World Championships and firmly in the driver’s seat for securing some big time endorsements. Vettel drove for team Red Bull Racing for six years before switching to Ferrari in 2014. He finished third in the Formula 1 standings last season.

69. Joe Mauer | MLB | Minnesota Twins

Yearly Joe MauerEndorsement Earnings: $800,000

Twitter Followers: Not currently on Twitter

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: N/A

Notable Endorsement Deals: Nike | Rawlings | Steiner Sports

Mauer is signed with his hometown Minnesota Twins through 2018 on a deal with $184M. The former batting champ and MVP has struggled with injuries and his production has dipped in recent years. In order to keep him healthy, the Twins have moved Mauer to first base to prolong his career. Mauer’s .312 batting average ranks third among active players. His clean-cut image as the hometown kid is a local marketer’s dream.

70. Clayton Kershaw | MLB | Los Angeles Dodgers

Yearly Clayton KershawEndorsement Earnings: $800,000

Twitter Followers: 318,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $1,721

Notable Endorsement Deals: Acura | Topps | Fantasy Draft | Art of the Game | Subway | Under Armour | Wilson

When Clayton Kershaw signed his $215M deal in 2014, it was the richest deal for a pitcher in MLB history. As a result of his signing, Kershaw’s salary jumped from $4M to $30M in just one year. It’s tough to argue that there’s been a better pitcher than Kershaw in last five years. He’s won three Cy Young awards during that time and finished in the top-3 in voting during each season during that time. This season he looks to be on pace to collect his fourth in six years. Kershaw’s favorite meal includes a hearty Subway sandwich, and a heavy diet of fastballs.

71. CC Sabathia | MLB | New York Yankees

Yearly EndoCC_Sabathiarsement Earnings: $700,000

Twitter Followers: 439,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $2,376

Notable Endorsement Deals: BODYARMOR | Delta Airlines | EA Sports | New Era | Topps

The Yankees’ starting pitcher has a Cy Young Award, World Series Championship, six All Star selections and has never had more losses in a season than he has wins. He’s earned $221M over the course of his career, which is third among active players, trailing only Alex Rodriguez and Carlos Beltran. Age and injury have hindered his dominance as of late, but Sabathia’s endorsement portfolio is already well established and is on par with the game’s best.

72. Jacoby Ellsbury | MLB | New York Yankees

Yearly EndoJacoby_Ellsburyrsement Earnings: $600,000

Twitter Followers: 319,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $1,684

Notable Endorsement Deals: Rawlings | Nike 

After seven seasons and two World Series titles with Boston, Ellsbury took a big payday with the archrival Yankees, to the tune of seven years, $153M. The runner up to the 2011 MVP is one of just a few Native American athletes in professional sports. He’s set to remain in New York until the 2020 season with an option for 2021. As long as Ellsbury continues to produce in the Big Apple, we can expect impressive endorsement numbers from him.

73. Yoenis Cespedes | MLB | New York Mets

Yearly EndorYoenis_Cespedessement Earnings: $600,000

Twitter Followers: 142,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $N/A

Notable Endorsement Deals: Rawlings | Franklin | New Balance 

Yoenis Cespedes is one of the most feared sluggers in the middle of a potent Met lineup. Coming off a red-hot finish to the 2015 season, the Cuban’s Roc Nation representatives have been in contact with numerous potential endorsement partners, according to Forbes, which would add to his already impressive endorsement resume. Should those deals come to fruition, Cespedes will be able to add to his collection of head-turning rides. 

74. Ryan Howard | MLB | Philadelphia Phillies

Yearly EndPHILS26-Porsement Earnings: $600,000

Twitter Followers: 204,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $1,104

Notable Endorsement Deals: Franklin | LoJo Sports| New Balance | Scholastic 

At 36 years old, Ryan Howard is undoubtedly in the twilight of his career. He hasn’t hit more than 25 home runs in a season since 2011, but you can’t tell by looking at his endorsement action. Most recently, Howard teamed with Scholastic and released a children’s book with his wife last year.Maybe he just needs to chow down some more Big Philly Cheesesteaks from Subway so he can gain more power to hit the long ball.

75. Justin Verlander | MLB | Detroit Tigers

Yearly EnJustin_Verlanderdorsement Earnings: $600,000

Twitter Followers: 730,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $3,999

Notable Endorsement Deals:  Rawlings | Under Armour

With a fastball that once clocked out at 102 mph, Verlander is an old school flamethrower. He’s got the fourth most wins among active pitchers and while he isn’t what he once was, Verlander can still get it done with the best of them. Verlander is thriving off the field too, boasting endorsement deals from giants Rawlings and Under Armour as well as an engagement to Kate Upton.

76. Matt Kemp | MLB | San Diego Padres

Yearly EnMatt_Kempdorsement Earnings: $500,000

Twitter Followers: 464,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $2,450

Notable Endorsement Deals:  Gap | New Era | Nike | Oakley

Kemp signed the biggest deal in National League history in 2011, an eight-year $160M extension with the Dodgers. He’s been bitten by the injury bug ever since and struggled to see prolonged success over the past five seasons. Still, he remains one of the league’s most marketable players as a member of the San Diego Padres.

77. Mark Teixeira | MLB | New York Yankees

Yearly EndMark_Teixieraorsement Earnings: $500,000

Twitter Followers: 326,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: 1,743

Notable Endorsement Deals: Rawlings | Nike | Steiner Sports

Teixeira has been one the most consistent producers in the middle of the Yankee lineup in recent memory. He’s doing so in the country’s biggest market and the seven-time All Star has secured a handful on hefty endorsement deals as well with top-tier brands like Rawlings and Nike.

78. Dez Bryant | NFl | Dallas Cowboys

Yearly EndDez_Bryantorsement Earnings: $500,000

Twitter Followers: 1,220,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $6,603

Notable Endorsement Deals: Jordan Brand | Panini | BodyArmor | Beats by Dre

Wide receivers have been getting paid lately, and Dez Bryant is no exception. In July of last year, he caught a five-year $70M extension with the Cowboys. Despite injuries limiting him to just nine games in 2015, Bryant was fifth in the league in merchandise sales and ranked No. 1 among non-quarterbacks. His endorsement deal with Body Armor makes the Oklahoma State product a share-holder in the company. The most high-profile player in the nation’s most popular team in nation’s most popular sport opens the door for endorsements, like his Beats by Dre spot with Michael Irvin.

79. David Price | MLB | Boston Red Sox

Yearly EndDavid_Priceorsement Earnings: $500,000

Twitter Followers: 1,440,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: 3,231

Notable Endorsement Deals: Jordan | Rawlings | Topps | Activision

Price has one Cy Young award (2012) and finished second in the voting in 2015. In December, he signed with Boston for the largest deal a pitcher has ever signed, seven years $217M. His $31M annual salary is tied for the most in baseball with Miguel Cabrera. When your salary is $31M per year, $500k in endorsements doesn’t seem like much, but Price is one of the top Jordan athletes in baseball and also has deals with Rawlings, Topps and Activision.

80. Prince Fielder | MLB | Texas Rangers

Yearly EnPrince_Fielderdorsement Earnings: $500,000

Twitter Followers: 151,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $568

Notable Endorsement Deals: Nike | Rawlings

Fielder’s power is the stuff of legend, and after bouncing back from neck surgery in 2014 to hit .305 in 2015, it appears that Prince still has plenty of longballs left in him. The Tigers signed Fielder to a $214M deal before trading him to Texas and they’ll cover $30M of that salary until 2020. His main endorsement deals are with Nike and Rawlings.

81. Felix Hernandez | MLB | Seattle Mariners

Yearly EndoFelix_Hernandezrsement Earnings: $500,000

Twitter Followers: 285,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $1,448

Notable Endorsement Deals: T-Mobile | Rawlings | PepsiCo | Panini | Nike | Topps 

When Seattle signed “King Felix ” in 2013, his $175M deal was the largest ever for an MLB pitcher. In 2019, he’s set to make $29M when the deal peaks. For the most part, Hernandez has delivered on his end of the deal, finishing in the top four in Cy Young voting in four of the last eight seasons. He’s got a diverse set of endorsements as well, boasting deals with T-Mobile, Nike, Rawlings, PepsiCo among others.

82. AJ Green | NFL | Atlanta Falcons

Yearly EndAJ_Greenorsement Earning: $500,000

Twitter Followers: 318,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $1,637

Notable Endorsement Deals: Nike

AJ is one of a handful of young receivers that have seen some green lately. His four-year, $60M deal will keep the former Georgia Bulldog in Cincy through the 2019 season. While he does have a big deal with Nike, Green has a lot of potential to grow his endorsement portfolio in the coming years.

83. Joe Flacco | NFL | Baltimore Ravens

Yearly EndJoe_Flaccoorsement Earning: $500,000

Twitter Followers: 268,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $1,468

Notable Endorsement Deals: Nike

Joe Flacco has built a nice NFL career with a big arm and careful decision-making. The MVP of Super Bowl XLVII, Flacco’s $22.1 million average salary is the highest in the NFL.

84. Philip Rivers | NFL | San Diego Chargers

Yearly EndPhilip_Riversorsement Earning: $450,000

Twitter Followers: Not Currently on Twitter

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: N/A

Notable Endorsement Deals: Advocare

Last August, Rivers signed an $83.25M deal that will keep him in San Diego for four more years. He’s been a durable, consistent signal caller for the Chargers since 2004, and the NC State product is fifth among active players with 41,000 career passing yards after finishing second in the league last season. Perhaps most impressive is Rivers’ ability to manage his quarterbacking duties with fatherhood while still bringing home nearly 500k in endorsements. Rivers and his wife Tiffany welcomed their eighth child last October. Together, they started the Rivers of Hope Foundation, which aimed to help foster children find permanent families.

85. Alex Rodriguez | MLB | New York Yankees

Yearly EndoAlex_Rodriguezrsement Earnings: $400,000

Twitter Followers: 105,000 

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $901

Notable Endorsement Deals: Harman International 

Before Giancarlo Stanton’s megadeal with the Marlins in 2013, A-Rod owned the two largest contracts in MLB history, but he’ll likely be remembered for something not-so-glamourous: steroids. His impressive accomplishments, like the fact that he’s closing in on 700 career home runs, are largely forgotten. His PED admissions have made Rodriguez somewhat untouchable for marketers. The three-time MVP announced that he’ll retire when his contract expires at the end of the 2017 season.

86. Adrian Gonzalez | MLB | Los Angeles Dodgers

Yearly EndoAdrian_Gonzalezrsement Earnings: $400,000

Twitter Followers: 302,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $1,375

Notable Endorsement Deals: Nike | Rawlings | PepsiCo

The first-overall pick in the 2000 draft, Gonzalez has put together an impressive career of run production. The San Diego-native has played in five All Star games and collected four Gold Gloves and two Silver Slugger awards. He’s a prominent spokesperson in SoCal for Nike, Rawlings and PepsiCo.

87. Carl Crawford | MLB | Free Agent

Yearly EndoCarl_Crawfordrsement Earnings: $300,000

Twitter Followers: Not Currently on Twitter

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: N/A

Notable Endorsement Deals: Nike | Rawlings 

Before the 2011, Crawford signed a massive seven year, $142M deal with the Red Sox only to be slowed significantly by injuries in the years following. Late in the 2012 season, he and his contract were dealt to the Dodgers as a part of the Adrian Gonzalez/Josh Beckett trade. Still unable to return to his athletic old-self because of injury, the Dodgers released Crawford in June with $35M left on his contract that expires in 2017. Crawford is not likely to completely vanish from the public eye during his free agency, as he still has endorsement deals with Nike and Rawlings as well as an engagement to TV personality Evelyn Lozada.

88. Troy Tulowitzki | MLB | Toronto Blue Jays

Yearly EndoTroy_Tulowitzkirsement Earnings: $300,000

Twitter Followers: Not Currently on Twitter

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: N/A

Notable Endorsement Deals: Nike | Rawlings 

After manning the middle-infield in Colorado for a decade, Tulowitzki was dealt to Toronto mid-season in 2015. Now with four seasons left on the 10-year, $157.5M deal he signed in 2012, Tulowitzki is protected by a no-trade clause in Toronto. Although he’s had his share of injuries — Tulowitzki has played in more than 130 games just once since 2009 — Tulowitzki is considered to be among the game’s most consistent and proven shortstops and an appealing option for marketers.

89. Sam Bradford | NFL | Philadelphia Eagles

Yearly EndoSam_Bradfordrsement Earnings: $300,000

Twitter Followers: Not Currently on Twitter

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: N/A

Notable Endorsement Deals: Nike | Nissan 

Bradford’s days in Philadelphia appear to be numbered after they selected Carson Wentz with the No. 2 pick in the 2016 draft, yet the former Heisman trophy winning is still benefitting from endorsement deals with Nike and Nissan. Depending on how his career pans out, Bradford may be remembered most for being the last No. 1 overall pick before the CBA restricted rookie contracts. His six-year deal is worth $78M. The following year’s top pick, Cam Newton, signed for $22M over four years.

90. Jayson Werth | MLB | Philadelphia Phillies

Yearly EJayson_Werthndorsement Earnings: $200,000

Twitter Followers: Not currently on Twitter

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: N/A

Notable Endorsement Deals: Rawlings | Adidas

Many felt the Nationals overpaid Werth when they signed him to a seven-year, $126M deal in 2010, but he’s made them eat their words. He’s earned MVP votes four of the past seven years and led the Nats to a first or second place finish in the NL East each of the past four seasons to become one of the most beloved players in Nationals history.

91. Cole Hamels | MLB | Texas Rangers

Yearly ECole_Hamelsndorsement Earnings: $200,000

Twitter Followers: 11,100

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: N/A

Notable Endorsement Deals: Topps | New Balance

Once a member of a devastating rotation in Philadelphia, Hamels was dealt to the Rangers last year and the 32-year old showed he still has plenty in the tank, winning seven of his first eight decisions and leading the Rangers to the playoffs. He and his wife Heidi started the Hamels foundation to provide support for quality education in the U.S. and establish a school in Malawi.

92. Olivier Vernon | NFL | New York Giants

Yearly EOlivier_Vernonndorsement Earnings: $200,000

Twitter Followers: Not Currently on Twitter

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: N/A

Notable Endorsement Deals: Under Armour

Vernon made headlines this offseason, signing an $85M deal with the New York Giants that includes $52.5M guaranteed, the second most ever for a defensive player. The deal took a lot of people by surprise, as Vernon’s resume is relatively thin up to this point in his career. In his four seasons, the defensive end has 29 sacks and has not appeared in a Pro Bowl. Should he reach his potential like the Giants hope, his endorsements will jump as well.

93. Zach Ertz | NFL | Philadelphia Eagles

Yearly Endorsement Earnings: $200,000

Twitter Followers: 109,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $446

Notable Endorsement Deals: Pepsi | Dunkin Donuts | Campbell’s Soup | Nike | Chegg

Formerly a unanimous All-American at Stanford, Zach Ertz has quickly become one of the top tight ends in the NFL. The Eagles signed Ertz to a 5-year deal worth $42M in January of 2016. Shortly after his contract extension, Ertz had headlines in his personal life, announcing his engagement to USA soccer star Julie Johnston.

94. Julie Johnston | NWSL | Chicago Red Stars

Yearly EJulie_Johnstonndorsement Earnings: $175,000

Twitter Followers: 146,000

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $597

Notable Endorsement Deals: Kellogg’s | Nike | The National Mango Board

The USWNT is looking to find the face of women’s soccer in the United States since the retirement of Abby Wambach, and Julie Johnston looks like someone who could challenge for that title. She was named Rookie of the Year in the National Women’s soccer league. The 24-year old got her first taste of the bigtime at the 2015 Women’s World Cup after captaining the U-20 and U-23 teams to victories in their respective international tournaments.

95. Cameron Heyward | NFL | Pittsburgh Steelers

Yearly ECameron_Heywardndorsement Earnings: $150,000

Twitter Followers: 83,900

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: N/A

Notable Endorsement Deals: Nike

The Steelers secured the anchor of their defensive line last summer to the tune of a six-year deal worth $21M. He made headlines last season when he was fined by the NFL for writing “Iron Head” on his eye black in memory of his father, a former NFL fullback with that nickname. After the fine, Heyward announced a partnership with  where fans could buy “Iron Head” eye-black with the proceeds going to Heyward’s charity.

96. Justin Houston | NFL | Kansas City Chiefs

Yearly EJustin_Houstonndorsement Earnings: $100,000

Twitter Followers: 71,300

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $254

Notable Endorsement Deals: Nike

The highest paid linebacker in NFL history? Justin Houston. The highest paid player in Kansas City Chief history? Justin Houston. The NFL leader in sacks in 2014 had the perfect combination of past success and future potential and cashed in with a huge deal in Kansas City, but, coming off of ACL surgery that forced him to miss the 2016 season, Houston will be looking to prove that he’s still an elite pass rusher this fall.

97. Cameron Jordan | NFL | New Orleans Saints

Yearly ECameron_Jordanndorsement Earnings: $100,000

Twitter Followers: 87,900

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $458

Notable Endorsement Deals: Nike | Ford 

At one point last season, Pro Football Focus ranked Cameron Jordan as the No. 1 defensive player in the league. His consistency and durability are his best assets, as Jordan has 30 sacks over the past three season and has yet to miss a game in his five-year career. The Minneapolis native is likely to be a mainstay on the Saints’ line for the foreseeable future, much to the disappointment of opposing quarterbacks.

98. Cliff Lee | MLB | Free Agent

Yearly ECliff_Leendorsement Earnings: $100,000

Twitter Followers: Not Currently on Twitter

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: N/A

Notable Endorsement Deals: JP Mascaro & Sons

The 2008 Cy Young winner was released in 2015 when the Phillies agreed to buy out the final year of his contract. He had missed the final two months of 2014 and the entire 2015 season with an elbow injury and, at age 36, likely had seen has last days as an effective starting pitcher. His endorsement portfolio in Philadelphia was highlighted by a deal with local garbage hauler JP Mascaro & Sons.

99. Marcell Dareus | NFL | Buffalo Bills

Yearly EMarcell_Dareusndorsement Earnings: $100,000

Twitter Followers: 49,700

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $249

Notable Endorsement Deals: Under Armour

A former star at the University of Alabama, Dareus was drafted third overall in 2011 by the Bills and made consecutive Pro Bowls in 2013 and 2014. At the end of his rookie deal, he signed a six-year, $96.6M extension with Buffalo featuring $60M guaranteed, the most ever for a non-quarterback.

100. Trent Williams | NFL | Washington Redskins

Yearly ETrent_Williamsndorsement Earnings: $75,000

Twitter Followers: 45,400

opendorse Estimated Cost Per Tweet: N/A

Notable Endorsement Deals: Nike | Gillette | Harris Teeter Supermarkets

Williams took the title of highest-paid tackle in the NFL after he inked a $68M deal with the Redskins last August. He’s been a Pro Bowler each of the last four seasons and boasts one of the most robust endorsement portfolios for an offensive lineman.



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Last Updated: June 29, 2016

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