BYU Athletics to Prepare Athletes for NIL Changes with Opendorse Ready

Opendorse NIL Ready BYU
Cougars Partner with Opendorse to Maximize Value of Student-Athlete’s Name, Image, and Likeness Rights.

Brigham Young University Athletics announced today its decision to join Opendorse Ready, the Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) Readiness Program powered by Opendorse. The program is designed to help student-athletes maximize NIL value by providing social media brand development solutions with proven effectiveness at the highest ranks of professional sports.  

“Change is coming to college athletics and it’s our role as leaders to help our athletes prepare to the best our abilities,” said BYU Head Men’s Basketball Coach Mark Pope. “Whether changes come today or a year from now, the Ready program will put BYU student-athletes in an excellent position to maximize the value of their personal brands.”

Opendorse Ready provides three core pillars to student-athlete success: Assessment, Education, and Performance – tailored to assist each individual athlete. By joining now with a 3-year partnership commitment, BYU is able to offer the program’s NIL readiness solutions to every student-athlete at the University.

Opendorse Ready BYU

The agreement positions BYU as the first NCAA athletics departments to join Opendorse Ready. BYU is the first Division I Independent program and the first in Utah to become a Ready partner.

Each participating athlete receives a comprehensive assessment detailing social media performance.

“BYU has rapidly grown to become recognized as a collegiate leader in social media and athlete-driven marketing behind leadership from Stuart Call and the athletics staff,” Opendorse CEO Blake Lawrence said. “Once NIL changes were on the table, they were among the first to say, ‘What will it take to best-position our student-athletes for success?’ I’m proud to help BYU take the next step to becoming the NIL leader with Opendorse Ready.”

“Name, image, and likeness rights has the potential to shape the next decade of college athletics,” said BYU Athletic Director Tom Holmoe. “Beyond its impact on recruiting, we see this as opportunity to provide our players with the education and life skills that will bring them value well beyond their days on campus. As NIL changes became more clear, we were quick survey the market and find what I and our staff believe to be the best solution in the market to prepare our student-athletes for success; Opendorse Ready.

“Our program believes in helping our student-athletes develop not just as players, but as successful people beyond the field, “said BYU Head Football Coach Kalani Sitake. “With Opendorse Ready, we can help them understand and improve their opportunities off the field. This is about preparing our athletes to win once rules allow, but more importantly, to give them the education and tools to prepare them for a successful future.

Are You Ready for NIL?

See how Opendorse can elevate your program with Opendorse Ready. Opendorse Ready is the Student-Athlete Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) Readiness Program. The program exists to help student-athletes prepare and maximize the value of their NIL. Your student athletes get access to
  • Comprehensive Profile Review
  • Detailed Post Analysis
  • Report Card
  • Social Ranking &
  • Social Summary
  • Individual Valuation
  • Potential Earnings Assessment
  • Performance Benchmarks
  • Custom Content Calendars
  • Personalized Campaign Themes
  • Education & Planning Sessions
  • Setup & Onboarding
  • Bi-Weekly NIL Academy
  • And more…

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