College Baseball Preview: How the Best Prospects Perform on Social


College baseball has returned after almost all of the 2020 season was cancelled due to Covid-19. Some of the game’s top prospects will be taking the field this spring, seeking to showcase their talents on the field and on social.

We analyzed the top 30 draft prospects to see who’s made their mark on social over the past 6 months.

SEC Dominance

Half of the top 30 play in the Southeastern Conference, including the top 5 most followed prospects. Eleven of the 14 SEC schools are represented in the top 30 prospects as well. SEC prospects in the top 30 account for 80% of the engagements (155.5K) and 77% of the total followers (183.4K) despite only accounting for 37% of the posts (160).

Vandy’s 1-2 Punch

It’s hard to ignore the talent at the top, as Vanderbilt pitchers Kumar Rocker and Jack Leiter are currently the #1 and #2 ranked prospects. Rocker leads the top 30 in total engagements, total following (69K), and total growth (13.1K). Leiter ranks 2nd in engagements (36K), 3rd in following (23.5K), 3rd in engagement rate (33.2%), and 2nd in growth (10.3K). Rocker also accounts for 29% of the following of all 30 prospects.

Hill, Franklin lead LSU, Arkansas

Along with Rocker and Leiter, RHP Jaden Hill and OF Christian Franklin rank highly in engagements and following among the top prospects. Hill earned the most engagements of any top prospect over the past 6 months (39.2K) and posted 47 times, good for 3rd-highest out of the group. Franklin has the 2nd-highest following (27.1K) and compiled the 4th-most engagements (18.1K).

Here are the Top 5 Prospects in Each Category:

Top 5 Most Followed - Top 30 Prospects

Kumar Rocker | Vanderbilt
Christian Franklin | Arkansas
Jack Leiter | Vanderbilt
Jaden Hill | LSU
John Rhodes | Kentucky

Most Posts - Top 30 Prospects

Alex Binelas | Louisville
Jordan Wicks | Kansas State
Jaden Hill | LSU
Jose Torres | NC State
Christian MacLeo | Mississippi State

Engagement Rate - Top 30 Prospects

Isaiah Thomas | Vanderbilt
39.01 %
Levi Usher | Lousiville
34.68 %
Jack Leiter | Vanderbilt
33.24 %
Pete Hansen | Texas
31.72 %
Mason Pelio | Boston College
28.36 %

Top 5 Engagements - Top 30 Prospects

Jaden Hill | LSU
Jack Leiter | Vanderbilt
Kumar Rocker | Vanderbilt
Christian Franklin | Arkansas
Jose Torres | NC State

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