Previously Recorded Live Product Announcement with CEO Blake Lawrence

We had over 500 of our closest friends in the industry join us as I shared our vision to prepare this ecosystem for the new era of athlete endorsements. Presenting the next generation of Opendorse:

Opendorse Social™ — Managing media to maximize endorsement value. 
Opendorse Deals™ — End-to-end endorsement management.
Opendorse Monitor™ — Visibility for all athlete endorsement activity. 

Our one-tap endorsements have been and will remain the easiest, most trusted solution in athlete marketing. We’re constantly evolving our technology to reduce complexity and improve the endorsement experience to get deals done.

The Next Generation of Endorsement Management

Now, we’re ready to push this ecosystem into the next generation. We introduced the new generation of endorsement management technology, announcing three products to do just that:

Opendorse Social™ — Managing media to maximize endorsement value. 
Opendorse Deals™ — End-to-end endorsement management.
Opendorse Monitor™ — Visibility for all athlete endorsement activity. 

This is the next generation of Opendorse — built to orchestrate the endorsement ecosystem by bringing the industry together with technology providing protection and opportunity for athletes, sports organizations, schools, and their partners. This evolution brings the oversight, security, and scale necessary as the endorsement market grows from 5,000 most marketable athletes today to 500,000+ the moment NIL policy changes come into effect in 2021. 

Opendorse Social is the Opendorse you know and love — formerly Opendorse for Sports. It’s our flagship that is today used by athletes to access and publish media to maximize endorsement value alongside their partners.

But our real expansion is with Opendorse Deals and Opendorse Monitor.

Opendorse Deals – Arriving Late 2020

Opendorse Deals is where athletes will monetize their audience.

For years we’ve provided the platform to help sponsors and organizations build endorsement campaigns with athletes. Deals is the evolution of this. It represents the pitch-to-payment platform for athlete endorsements, complete with the one-tap simplicity athletes need. 

Deals provides end-to-end management between athletes, sponsors, and even fans. Through our Open Network, brands can discover athletes and book deals. 

And for the first time ever, we are expanding beyond social. Opendorse Deals will allow athletes to monetize their audience through both online and offline endorsement opportunities. Built to facilitate industry-needed integrations, Deals will support online platforms including Cameo, Patreon, Youtube monetization, TikTok, Shopify, and many more. 

Here’s my favorite part: offline endorsements are coming, too. Athletes today — especially in 2021 and beyond — need a way to showcase availability and manage endorsement deals offline. Appearances, autograph signings, photoshoots, commercial shoots… all of those opportunities; athletes will use Deals to make themselves available and manage endorsements with brands and fans. This allows athletes and their supporters to work with sponsors and manage all endorsement-related workflows, while allowing brands to find, select, and pitch the right athletes for their opportunity.

Opendorse Monitor – Arriving 2021

We know it’s critical for an athlete’s entire supporting case to understand the details in every deal. In the coming era, associations, governing bodies, and compliance departments will need visibility into the endorsement activities of their athletes. They will be tasked with protecting every athlete and the sanctity of their sport. This can’t happen without technology.

Opendorse Monitor provides visibility into all endorsement activities for athletes under your purview. It provides the oversight and protection to safely accept deals with credible parties, and stay within the boundaries set by player’s unions and governing bodies. It will mitigate the risks inherent with financial transactions. 

This will be key for sports organizations to preview transactions before they happen and report on deals that have already occurred. Athletes — and agents or reps — can use Monitor to disclose endorsement activities, ensuring their compliance within policy guardrails and the fair use of media rights.



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