How Hoosier Student-Athletes are Building Brands with Social Media

Indiana Athletics has helped 430 student-athletes drive over 1.3 million engagements on their personal social channels since August 2020. That’s when the program joined Opendorse Ready™, adding to its already impressive arsenal of athlete brand development resources.

With help from the Cuban Center, these student-athletes have published almost 17 thousand posts on Instagram and Twitter to a total audience of 1.3 million followers. These student-athletes have experienced an average follower growth of 10% on Instagram and Twitter since joining Ready. 

Diving deeper, Indiana student-athletes have an average engagement rate of 6% on Twitter and 26.5% on Instagram. Teams with the highest average engagement rate on Instagram are Men’s Tennis (36.1%), Women’s Field Hockey (31.4%), and Men’s Swim and Dive (29.8%). All of these teams are considered “non-revenue generating,” yet are driving the most engaged audiences.

Indiana Football

Indiana Football took over social this season. Having a coach who understands the value of social media goes a long way and the numbers show. 98 Hoosier Football student-athletes have generated over 500 thousand engagements on Instagram and Twitter, reaching a total audience of 444 thousand total followers, and publishing almost 4 thousand posts. Student-athletes boast an average engagement rate of 10.6% on Twitter and 24% on Instagram. Even more impressive was their growth. On average IU Football players experienced 13% follower growth on Twitter and 23% follower growth on Instagram. 

Indiana Men’s Basketball 

With the resources provided to them, 14 basketball student-athletes drove 365 thousand engagements between 838 posts on Instagram and Twitter. On average, each student-athlete generates about 435 engagements per post. The Hoosiers have reached an audience of 254 thousand followers and on average, student-athletes have seen follower growth of 17.6% on Twitter and 11.7% on Instagram.

Indiana Women’s Basketball

12 basketball student-athletes have posted 411 posts on Twitter and Instagram, driving over 53 thousand engagements from their audience of 49 thousand followers. Student-athletes boast an impressive Instagram engagement rate of 27% and have experienced an average of 7% follower growth on the platform.

Indiana Men’s Soccer

On Instagram, 13 Indiana Men’s Soccer players have been kicking it on social. They’ve gained 11 thousand engagements with 24 posts and have reached an audience of 35 thousand followers. The average post drove 472 engagements and an engagement rate of 25%. On average, student-athletes experienced 8.6% follower growth on Instagram. 



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