I don’t have a large following, why do I need an Opendorse Profile?

As an athlete, one thing is guaranteed: The jersey will come off one day. For 98% of student-athletes, that time comes at graduation. The NIL era of collegiate athletics is an opportunity for every student-athlete to capitalize on revenue opportunities during their four years of competition to set up for the next 40+ years off the playing surface. 

What an Opendorse Profile Gives You: 

An Opendorse Profile gives you the opportunity to showcase you’re more than an athlete. When you sign up for an Opendorse Profile, you’ll be in the Discover Network where brands and filter, find and pitch deals based on a variety of categories, including school, sport, hobbies, interests and demographics. Not every brand is looking for big-name stars and they often find more value in connecting with athletes who align with their brand values and mission. 

Gopuff, the national food and goods delivery brand, has even committed to supporting every college athlete through Opendorse, regardless of your followers, team, or sport. A Gopuff deal is already waiting in your Opendorse account once you opt-in to Deals. 

Still, you should be proactive about finding opportunities. With your unique Opendorse Profile link, you can promote on your social channels that you’re open to deals from brands and fans. When a big moment on the field occurs, you won’t have to struggle navigating “congratulations” and “great game” DMs; brands can head directly to your Profile to pitch deals so you’re not missing big, timely opportunities. 

Plus, with your busy practice and class schedule, you can accept, fulfill and disclose deals on your walk from practice to class.  

Long-Term Benefit:    

As a student-athlete with an already packed schedule, finding a job can be a challenge. Participating in NIL activities, even if it’s just a couple hundred dollars per month, can make a huge difference as a college student.  

Participating in NIL activities can also help to establish the way that you’re perceived. Ensure you’re connecting with brands that align with your values and interests. When applying for jobs post-graduation, you can use the NIL activities you completed as experience and to build connections with your brand partners. Employees are extensions of every brand, and being loyal and passionate about a business or cause increases your chances of being hired.  

Opportunities Beyond Social Media Opendorse Profiles Support:    

Tap into Hometown Community 

With hundreds of student-athletes on campus, it may feel overwhelming to compete with your peers for local campus partnerships. However, every student-athlete has a unique community that has already been supporting them for years – their hometown. 

Every athlete, in every sport, can make an instant impact through hosting sports camps or private lessons, partnering with a local business, hosting an autograph session or selling merchandise they purchased themselves. By participating in NIL activities in your home community, it gives the next generation of athletes someone to look up to and can build confidence in others who want to pursue building a personal brand. 

All of these opportunities can be secured through your Opendorse Profile, and you have the ability to easily share it on your social platforms to keep all your opportunities in one place.  

In-kind Goods  

Who doesn’t love free product? Not every deal needs to be a cash transaction. A brand can submit a pitch through your Opendorse Profile for an in-kind good or service and you can easily disclose the activity to your institution all in one place. 

You can securely chat with the brand in the Opendorse App and don’t need to feel the pressure of sharing your phone number or email with a company. Chats keeps communication secure.  

Niche Interests 

Be yourself. An Opendorse Profile gives you the ability to easily highlight your interests off the field. The jersey will come off one day, and by sharing your hobbies and interests now you can get creative with how you promote your NIL and build a community that will last years after you graduate. NIL is not just about building an audience, it’s about building a community.  



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