Making the Most of NIL with Trey McGowens

Trey McGowens has developed a unique personal brand. As a transfer playing on the same team as his brother, Bryce, McGowens has connected with his local community and found support during the highs and lows of the season.

McGowens transferred from Pittsburgh to Nebraska in 2020, and has been supported by Huskers fans ever since. Currently recovering from a foot injury, McGowens has been able to poke fun at his injury and take advantage of a viral moment on social media. He’s shown his fun personality off the court, and stayed connected with fans on social while he prepares to return.

The Dynamic Duo

Trey’s brother, Bryce, joined the Huskers this season as a freshman, and the McGowens brothers have been the talk of Husker Basketball. Natives of Pendleton, S.C., they’ve shined on and off the court, and have pursued several NIL opportunities together.

The McGowens brothers recently started their own merchandise line, as well as a podcast together.

“Me and my brother started a podcast, so that’s definitely something I want to continue in our professional careers and then really carry it on,” Trey said. “[I’m hoping to] get connections throughout that so when we can take our jersey off, we can continue it because I want to do stuff in the communications field.”

McGowens discussed how he loves having the opportunity to host a podcast with his brother, but he also loves being able to connect with sponsors and others who support them.

“My favorite episodes were doing it with the people who are sponsoring our podcast, so the people doing the NIL deals,” he said. “A lot of times they’re big fans. It’s fun to really get to know who they are and getting to know their family, developing that bond.”

Connecting With Supporters

One of the biggest goals of McGowens’ NIL strategy has been connecting with his supporters. Being able to create personal connections with them is something he has strived to do, which is perfect for his outgoing personality.

“When I committed and during the recruitment process (transferring from Pitt), the fans in Nebraska were unlike any other I had experienced,” he said. “A lot of fans in Nebraska, they have their own businesses. So, connecting with them on the court, off the court, no matter where, is important. We eat at a lot of these local places and we know the owners. We know them as well as they know us. Being able to kind of be the face of their brand, restaurant, with NIL it definitely makes it a whole lot easier, a whole lot more exciting, for sure.

McGowens explained that Opendorse has helped navigating these NIL opportunities and connecting with businesses.

“It’s definitely made the process easier” he notes. “It’s in one place. Sometimes you might have a deal that you forget about if you’re talking to them on social media or text message or whatever. So being able to get the deals on Opendorse, and see everything you have lined up and what you have to do, is nice.”



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