Your Sneak Peek into Opendorse Deals™ – End-To-End Endorsement Management

Coming soon: the one place for end-to-end endorsement management. 

The athlete endorsement market is about to experience 100-times growth in 2021. In order for our industry to succeed, it has to be tech-driven. That’s why we’re bringing the industry into the future with Opendorse Deals. 

Opendorse Deals is where sponsors, athletes, and everyone in-between will connect and manage any type of online and offline endorsement in one easy-to-use app.

While the product is new, we have facilitated thousands of deals as a managed service through our Publishing feature on social media channels for almost a decade. The Deals product will allow us to expand beyond social.

With Opendorse Deals, everyone from fans and brands, to national advertisers and local SMBs, can browse and book promotions with the 28,000+ athletes in the Opendorse Open Network. From social media endorsements and event appearances to video shoutouts and individual autographs; Deals makes athletes more accessible to paying partners than ever before. 

The two key features within Opendorse Deals that we’re sharing with you today are the Open Network and Profile Manager.

Exploring the Open Network and Profile Manager

The Open Network is the place to browse over 28,000 athletes to book endorsement deals. It’s built to quickly find and pitch the right athlete. Users get fast access to the athlete’s minimum deal price, interests, and more, making it easy for marketers to find the right opportunity while saving time and energy. 

In the Profile Manager, an athlete can add their personal characteristics, interests, and deal preferences. Athletes have the power to choose their Open Network Preferences, which include how much of their profile is public, and what connectivity verification is required for a marketer to connect with them.

How does it work for marketers?

In the Open Network, marketers can browse and discover athletes via search, filter, and sort capabilities. Users click on an athlete’s profile card to learn about them and what type of deals they are open to. Once ready to build a deal, just click the “Book” button. Only deals that hit the athlete’s minimum compensation requirement can be sent.

What does this mean for athletes?

Athletes will be able to create and build out their profile which will be discoverable in the Open Network. 

Student-athletes, however, are not able to receive any opportunities until NIL compensation becomes permissible in the summer of 2021. Only their university and conference accounts can connect with student-athletes until that time.

Professional and retired athletes will be able to receive deals starting December 8th. These athletes may choose whether other accounts can connect with them automatically, or if accounts first need to verify the athlete’s phone or email. All of this can be found in the Network Settings, which was built to ensure each athlete remains protected and fully in control of their account.

Finally, all athletes have the ability to set up a supporting team for their account. We know agents and supporters are important for the world’s most marketable athletes. Deals does not replace or limit the agent. Instead, it improves the experience for agents, reps, and athletes by encouraging more deals and streamlining negotiations and approval processes. 

Opendorse Deals provides opportunities to manage more deals and increase levels of brand awareness for all involved. The Open Network will make it easy to search, connect, and pitch deals to athletes. The Profile Manager gives athletes the power to decide who can find them in the Open Network, make a connection, and pitch deals.

The future of endorsement management is coming — and it’s for everyone. 

Reach out to learn more. 

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